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    • 99,00 € In Stock

      Hand-held electronic bow for guitar. This small battery-powered unit replaces the pick in the right hand letting the guitarist mimic strings, horns, and woodwinds with unbelievable sensitivity. The EBow produces a powerful infinite sustain, rich in harmonics for incredible guitar sounds. Infinite Sustain is just the beginning.

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      The PLUS pedal is a new kind of audio processing engine that offers piano-style sustain and sostenuto for guitars and other melodic instruments.

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    • 179,00 € In stock

      Buzz. Beep and bloop. We’re high on the lo-fi sounds of “old-school” games, toys and terminals and the Mainframe Bit Crusher takes us back in time to when Pac Man and Donkey Kong ruled the arcades, to when the Commodore 64 was high tech.

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    • 335,00 € In Stock

      Hand crafted dTape algorithms deliver vintage recreation of analogue reel to reel tape effects, FX include deliciously compressed/transparently overdriven tape saturation, plus doubletracking FX (syrupy slapback and longer (up to 500m/s) warm tape delays, gorgeous tape chorus, psychadelic tape flanging),The tape saturation and doubletracker circuits...

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    • 139,00 € In Stock

      The Electro-Faustus EF102 Photo Theremin captures the magic of the original Theremin, while putting it into a modern form. The EF102 uses a light sensitive photocell to control pitch. Add a little reverb or delay, and amaze your friends with its otherworldly sounds.

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    • 259,00 € In Stock

      The Data Corrupter is a wild, yet repeatable three-voice Modulated Monophonic PLL Harmonizer that takes your input signal and “brutally amplifies it into a crushing square wave fuzz tone that is then multiplied, divided, and modulated” to create a harmonically complex, expressive, and touch-responsive analog synth tone up to three octaves below (or above)...

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    • 899,00 € In Stock

      Special Limited Edition Box set of three reissues of the original three Boss pedals which came out in 1977. This special commemorative box includes one-time-only reissues of the OD-1 Over Drive, PH-1 Phaser, and SP-1 Spectrum. The original three BOSS compact pedal models all made in Japan. Only 1500 box sets produced, and each comes in a deluxe...

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    • 345,00 € In Stock

      A Maniacal Little Machine, inspired by vintage gaming consoles. An era when silicon defined sonics that were burned in our memory for years… Ottobit Jr. brings those sounds directly to your pedalboard.

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    • 52,00 € In Stock

      If your amp has a “send/return” effects loop simply connect the input to your SEND and the output to your RETURN. You can use the LBAB to saturate your preamp section and get some cranked tube tone at bedroom levels!

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    • 499,00 € In Stock

      The ZOIA is basically a modular synthesizer in pedal form. Instead of being a delay effect or tremolo, the ZOIA provides the modules necessary to build a delay or tremolo from the ground up. But since you're the one building it, you can make it do whatever you want. With the ZOIA you can build your own custom effects, synthesizers, midi controllers, and...

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    • 209,00 € In Stock

      Why be original when you can just steal? 4 banks of samples that can be triggered in variety of ways based on how they are labeled. Play a sound once, have it loop, or play a series of loops in linear order or in a random manner and create a sonically chaotic tapestry. You decide your own sonic reality.

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    • 95,00 €

      AMT F-1 is the first among the basic modules of the entire AMT Legend Amps series. The pedal is designed around the specs of the Fender Twin* amplifier. You can use AMT F-1 to build a multi-channel preamp from mono channels of AMT Legend Amps series – P-1, B-1, M-1, R-1, S-1. The series is constantly expanding thus giving you a chance to obtain a unique...

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    • 229,00 € Delivery time 3-4 weeks

      Polyphonic Tape Replay Machine, uses the same extraordinary technology as the B9, C9 and KEY9 to transform your axe and resurrect the sound of vintage tape-based keyboards.

      229,00 €
      Delivery time 3-4 weeks
    • 79,00 € Delivery time 3-4 weeks

      Analogizer thaws out digitally processed guitar, and gives you that analog sound and feel. Boost your solos with up to 26dB of gain. Fatten your sound. The Analogizer is perfect for warming up the harshness of your digitally processed guitar or for thickening up your already warm sound.

      79,00 €
      Delivery time 3-4 weeks
    • 159,00 € Delivery time 3-4 weeks

      Analog Expression/CV Sequencer, Four sequence direction modes: Forward, Reverse, Bounce and Random. Rotary encoder gives you control over glide rate, direction, sequencer length and depth. Save, store and recall 10 presets. The optional 8 Step Program Foot Controller expands that to 100 presets! 9Volt power supply included

      159,00 €
      Delivery time 3-4 weeks
    • 199,00 € Delivery time 3-4 weeks

      Transforms the tone of your guitar or keyboard. 9 presets that were carefully crafted to emulate classic Wurlitzer and Rhodes sounds, plus more. Presets provide control of the fundamental parameters that help define that instruments sound. Many presets include adjustable modulation such as tremolo, phaser and chorus. Use it with the B9 and C9 Organ...

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    • 225,00 € Delivery time 3-4 weeks

      Transform your electric guitar into a sitar. Lead sitar voice tracks your notes polyphonically with a wide range of tonal possibilities. Selectable decay speed for the Lead voice. Sympathetic string drone simulation with a wide tonal range. Selectable keys and scales including major, minor and exotic provided for the Sympathetic strings. Separate Main...

      225,00 €
      Delivery time 3-4 weeks
    • 215,00 € Delivery time 3-4 weeks

      Single Sideband Modulator. Multi-wave selection for modulation and Ring Mod. Low pass Filter for Ring Mod and single side band modes. Fine and depth control for frequency select and amount. Tune switch to adjust frequency to your pitch. Upper and lower sideband isolation. High quality whammy style effects with expression pedal. Pitch shifting with pitch...

      215,00 €
      Delivery time 3-4 weeks
    • 219,00 € Delivery time 3-4 weeks

      Polyphonic Synth Engine, reinvents sample and hold, performs fluid glissandos and creates oscillator like, synthesizer effects. It can stack sounds or create infinite sustain, it even lets you tweak attack and decay, or use its effects loop to invent novel synth patches. PSU included.

      219,00 €
      Delivery time 3-4 weeks
    • 229,00 € 1-3 weeks order time

      Talkbox, suitable for guitar and keyboard, controls for volume and tone gain, 6.3 mm jack input and output, pedalboard-friendly size, rugged roadworthy housing, true bypass, incl. Dunlop AC adapter 18V DC

      229,00 €
      1-3 weeks order time
    • 229,00 € 2-4 weeks order time

      Monophonic analog guitar synthesizer with four octaves of vintage square wave synth tones. Its no-nonsense interface makes it easy to add or subtract octaves to create a wide variety of sounds without having to dial in envelopes or oscillators.

      229,00 €
      2-4 weeks order time
    • 269,00 € 2-4 weeks order time

      For experimenters, adventurists and noisemakers. Totally not for purists and/or tone hounds, there are no natural sounds that will come from this box. It takes modern DSP and uses it as a tool of future past to create real time pitch shifting using digital oscillators.

      269,00 €
      2-4 weeks order time
    • 169,00 € 1-2 weeks delivery time

      Instead of overdriving your clean tone, now you can get cleaner tones from your favourite overdriven tone. That is what we call underdriving. Evolution Orange Underdrive works really well with vintage single channel amps that sound great when you push them to overdrive.

      169,00 €
      1-2 weeks delivery time
    • 355,00 € 2-4 weeks delivery time

      Ring modulation at its finest, in a considerably small package, powered by your typical 9V power supply, all analogue, hand stamped, pure sine wave oscillator, low-pass filtered with a touch of class and apparently musical. These are the requirements of warp speed space Travel.

      355,00 €
      2-4 weeks delivery time
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