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      Single Strings

      Single strings for guitars

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        Single strings for acoustic guitar. Choose gauge from drop-down menu. Material: Phosphor Bronze. Round Core Wire reinforced with Accurate Core Technology™. Ball End.Long LifeExtremely stable. Locks in tuneAccurate intonationRich tone

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        Tite-Fit Nickel Plated Electric Single Strings. Various gauges. 

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      • 2,00 € In Stock

        Single plain steel string made for electric or acoustic guitars Played for a clear, shimmering tone Anti-Rust Plating protects against common rust and corrosion and preserves that clean, polished feel Perfectly complements the long, remarkable tone life of Elixir Strings round wound coated strings

        2,00 €
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      • From 9,00 € In Stock

        DR DDT strings have more tension compared to regular guitar strings to guarantee maximum stability and reliability. Tune lower and sound heavier without sacrificing intonation and clarity. Available for electric guitar and bass.

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      • 35,00 € In stock

        For use on the following models – Z, Lee Sklar, Afterburner Series, NG, Combustion, D-Series, Prima Artist045" .055" .080" .100" .130".170"

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      • 14,00 € 1-2 months order time

        Nickel Plated Steel Bass Strings with a NANOWEB Coating deliver a rich, rounded tone with greater clarity and heavier mid-range presence. Long Scale, single string.   

        14,00 €
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      Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items