Tremolo effect pedals. 

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      “TreTre” is true-bypass, analog, handmade tremolo effect pedal made by Jānis Altmanis (Jā from Birzgale, Latvia. Originally designed for guitar but will work great with bass guitar and other signal source too.

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      Variable Shape Analog Tremolo. vintage tremolo and panning that will fill any venue with rhythmic stereo energy. Its Wave Form switch allows you to change the modulation from triangle to square form. The Wave Shape control allows you to control transitions from negative to positive saw tooth or adjust pulse width. This all means you can create any type of...

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      All-analog multi-effects processor featuring Phaser, Tremolo, Vibrato, and a Neo-modulated Wah. At the heart of The Worm is a specially designed tone-bending engine that creates groundbreaking oscillatory effects. PSU included.

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      True bypass, dual joystick controlled Tremolo/Fuzz pedal that allows you to create a landscape of distorted textures. Both the Tremolo and the Fuzz can be isolated and used alone, but can also be used together in series creating thick textures with a lot of movement. Each joystick has a separate X and Y axis that has designated controls. The Tremolo...

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      The Mr. Moto is everything you wish your amp had built in. The Mr. Moto is a very musical Tremolo with a super lush spring reverb as well. Both can be run independently or together. The Tremolo can go from a very subtle throb to a choppy rhythmic pulse. Mr. Moto is great for very lush, beautiful tones all the way to full on surf rock.

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      The Walrus Audio Monument V2 harmonic tap tremolo effects pedal puts a huge range of distinctive tremolo types at your feet, with a Tap tempo switch for hands-free control over the tremolo rate. Four different time division settings allow you to precisely tailor the tremolo rhythm for any application. With five different waveshapes — sine, square, ramp,...

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      This return of the tremolo effect to the MXR line combines a full historical range of masterfully tuned tremolo styles with a host of features to satisfy the performance needs of today’s discerning players.

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      Stereo modulation With chorus, flanger and tremolo effects True or Buffered Bypass Preset storable Additional effects downloadable Live / Preset mode Dual processor UAFX Engine 2 Inputs: 6.3 mm pawl (input 2 for stereo connection) 2 Outputs: 6.3 mm pawl (output 2 for stereo connection) USB-C connection (for updates via computer) Power supply over 9 V DC...

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    • 325,00 € Delivery time 1-3 weeks

      Flint gives you the soothing, pulsating, and hypnotic effects that were pioneered in vintage amplifier tremolo circuits, along with three classic and completely unique reverb algorithms. With eight parameters to tweak, you get extensive control over the tremolo and reverb characteristics. Go from splashy, pulsing twang, to throbbing, swampy blues, all the...

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    • 229,00 € Delivery time 3-4 weeks

      Analog Tremolo with Stereo in/out, mono in/stereo out, stereo in/mono out and mono in/mono out. Adjustable modulation waveforms include sine wave, triangle and pulse waves, plus 9 rhythmic patterns that may be changed by the user and saved. Modulation rate set by RATE knob, TAP TEMPO FSW, external Tap FSW or external clock. PSU included.

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    • 199,00 € 2-4 weeks order time

      Choppy, sawtooth tremolo modeled on the vintage repeat percussion unit and similar to those found in old Valco and Vox amplifiers. It is capable of producing everything from classic “50’s style” shimmering tremolo to a synthy, delay-like chop that turns your signal into a burst of short pings and on through to near ring modulation speeds.

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      Feature-rich harmonic tremolo. Signal is split into high pass and low pass filters, then modulated with an LFO that is split 180 degrees. The Night Wire takes the traditional harmonic tremolo a few steps further by allowing the center point of both filters to be adjusted for different tones.

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      Stereo Tremolo Pedal with Photo-cell, Tap Tempo Footswitch, Mix Control, Waveform Switch, Phase Correlation Control, and Buffered Bypass

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    • 194,00 € 1-2 weeks delivery time

      True sine wave tremolo effect designed for tremolo tones from the of 50s type soft swing to deep modulation with great playability, regardless of tremolo depth or speed. Strength of incoming signal is modulated by a sinusoidal oscillator, just like in the early amps, and modulation bias is set to give symmetrical modulation.

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    • 139,00 € 1-2 weeks delivery time

      Authentic lamp and photocell tremolo circuit, Slope control for waveform tweaking, Ultra wide range of Speed and Intensity settings, Compact, pedalboard friendly size, True bypass switching with LED, Runs on a 9V battery, Hand built in the U.S.A.

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    • 345,00 € Delivery time 1-2 months

      This tremolo pedal features an all-analog signal path that can do any variety or shape of standard volume modulation, harmonic tremolo (inspired by vintage Brownface) or both simultaneously for a truly unique and beautiful tremolo sound that sits just perfectly in a mix. Transparent, discrete class A clean boost circuit, and is followed by buffering and...

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    • 274,00 € Delivery time 2-4 weeks

      The Honey Comb Deluxe gives you true vintage analog tone and ease of operation that will open up a new palette of sounds reminiscent of early Fender blackface and vintage Vox tremolo circuits from years gone by. The only difference is that this one has those over the top options for the more demanding trem-o-haoulic.

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    • 239,00 € Delivery time 2-3 weeks

      Aqueduct is a vintage-inspired pitch vibrato with eight modulation modes delivering synth-like sonar pulses, touch-sensitive frequency modulation, gentle rolling pitch-wobbles, steady kosmische pulsations, rapid trills, slimy sonic squiggles, whammy bar wiggles, pitch bends, pseudo-flange, and anything else your pitch-warped brain can picture in your...

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    • 189,00 € 2-4 weeks delivery time

      Building on the acclaim for the original Supa-Trem, the Fulltone Supa-Trem Jr. tremolo pedal is a highly flexible trem solution that won't take up much space on your pedalboard. And it packs everything you could ask for in a trem pedal, including a boost (up to 15dB!), square/sine/warble waveforms, and tap tempo. Taking it beyond the original Supa-Trem,...

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    • 164,00 € Delivery time 2-3 weeks

      The pulsating, throbbing sound of vintage Fender and Vox amplifier tremolo lives on in the JHS Tidewater mini tremolo pedal. With a simple control set — volume, mix, and speed — the Tidewater pedal delivers amp-like warmth and dimension. So much so, that you can even dial the mix knob back and simply use it as a wonderfully rich preamp boost by pushing...

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    • 249,00 € Delivery time 2-4 weeks

      Caroline Guitar Company's Parabola is an absolutely insane modulation pedal that pushes beyond tremolo into the realm of AM and FM effects. A Schaller TR-68-inspired transistor-based LFO offers everything from classic tremolo slosh to high-range switchable amplitude and frequency modulation effects. The Havoc parameter increases the depth and speed of the...

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    • 299,00 € Delivery time 2-4 weeks

      The Empress Tremolo2 is an original design built from the ground up to include innovative features without sacrificing tone. The audio signal path is analog, but the tremolo effect is controlled digitally via opto technology. Tap tempo, selectable waveforms, a choice of 8 rhythms and a full preset system capable of storing up to 8 presets are all at your...

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      Features:Reverb Tremolo Combo Vintage Two Spring Splash or Smooth Plate Reverb Three tube-amp style trems: Volume, Pitch, Harmonic

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      From the lonely desert plains of spaghetti westernto the stuttering chopped-up notes of the most epileptic EDM,tremolo is everywhere.That very simple effect can find its place in any context,no matter which style you’re playing or what the rest of your rig is.

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