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      Hearing protection

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      • 9,90 € In stock

        Spectrum’s Filtered Foam Plugs (FFP) are comfortable, reusable and simple to fit. Made with viscoelastic memory foam, they offer a high level of comfort, meaning they can be worn for a longer a period of time than regular foam ear plugs.

        9,90 €
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      • 8,60 € In Stock

        Play all night without suffering from painful morning-after tinnitus. With a 27-decibel noise reduction rating (when used properly), Fender Musician series ear plugs provide high-volume hearing protection designed specifically for musicians—perfect for rehearsals and performances.

        8,60 €
        In Stock
      • 25,00 € 1-2 months order time

        Engineered specifically for musicians, these earplugs will provide approximately 20dB of sound reduction across frequencies when used correctly to protect your most valuable musical sense. The comfortable dual-flange silicone tip allows you to wear them all night long with ease.

        25,00 €
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        1-2 months order time
      Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items