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      Hearing protection

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        Two Thunderplugs earplugs, with aluminium carry case (for your key chain). Special filter reduces the volume. No sound distortion. Discreet and barely visible. Long lasting and reusable. Noise reduction up to 18db. 

        11,90 €
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      • 24,00 € In Stock

        Bananamuffs: earmuffs for kids ages 3 and up. Perfect fit because of adjustable headband. Safe sound reduction. Easy to clean

        24,00 €
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        The Alpine PartyPlug Earplugs protect your hearing whatever the occasion. The earplugs are made from a specially designed ‘ThermoShape’ material that adapts to the unique shape of your ear. The acoustic filters let through enough sound to be enjoyed, whilst blocking out up to 25dB. The PartyPlug model is ideal for people who love the atmosphere of regular...

        17,00 €
        Delivery time 1-2 weeks
      Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items