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      Acoustic Effects

      Effect pedals for electric-acoustic guitars. DI and Pre-Amps for acoustics. 

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      • 222,00 € In Stock

        Para DI Acoustic Guitar Preamp. Due to its studio quality performance, powerful tone shaping EQ and rock-solid reliability, the Para DI has become an indispensable stage tool for countless musicians around the world. This roadworthy box effortlessly tames the stage and enhances any acoustic pickup for a fuller, more complex sound. The Para DI features a...

        222,00 €
        In Stock
      • 89,00 € 2-4 weeks delivery time

        Studio-Quality Acoustic Guitar Tone, Built-In Feedback Suppression, Restores Natural Playing Feel, Ultra-Compact Design, True Bypass, 9v Power Supply included

        89,00 €
        2-4 weeks delivery time
      • 339,00 € Delivery time 2-3 weeks

        The Venue DI gives you complete control by combining a full-isolation DI output, 5-band EQ with adjustable low & hi-mid bands, variable clean boost and chromatic tuner all in one acoustic pedal. With its all-discrete signal path, hi-graded semiconductors and exclusive use of audiophile grade film capacitors, the Venue DI is on par with the world’s...

        339,00 €
        Delivery time 2-3 weeks
      Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items