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      Preloaded with 47 effect algorithms and 99 presets. Over 500 presets available via the H9 Control app. H9 MAX includes all future algorithm releases at no additional cost. True analog bypass, Real-time MIDI control, Power supply included, MIDI via DIN and USB, Fast accurate tuner included, Expression pedal and AUX footswitch input, Sync to the beat with...

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      Twelve different studio-quality modulation machines in one, including some effects new to science, Choose from vintage & pattern tremolos, chorus, swell FX, radical formant FX, filterFX, flangers, phasers and rotary, In addition, thrill to the proprietary radical Strymon creations: vibe, destroyer and quadrature, 200 user-programmable presets, Massive...

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      Spring boarding off the award-winning Superego, our new Superego+ raises the bar when it comes to creating synth effects, sound layers, glissandos, infinite sustain and more. Plus, we've added a complete effects section featuring 11 effects types, an EXP input for effect parameter control and an EXT jack for a 3-button controller. 

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      Ampero amp modeler & effects processor is a game changer. It’s heart pounding amp modeling and uber quality effects are powered by the new-gen CDCM HD (Comprehensive Dynamic Circuit Modeling High Definition) and F.I.R.E. (Field Impulse Response Enhancement) system, bringing you the absolute best the world has to offer. Packaged in a cool, thin case...

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      Ampero One represents the uncompromised, widely praised Ampero sound in a smaller case. Powered by the new-gen CDCM HD (Comprehensive Dynamic Circuit Modeling High Definition) and F.I.R.E. (Field Impulse Response Enhancement) system, Ampero One offers you all the real sounds of rock past and present. The 4-inch hi-def color touch screen and optimized UI...

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      Create warm waves & trembling repetitions, space reverb sounds and of course make a lot of noise by recreating the fury of a black hole. The Black Hole Symmetry is a Modulated Delay / Pitch shifted Reverb / Destruction Fuzz pedal. Travel through the Ergosphere, the Event Horizon and the Singularity. The 3 parts of the pedal which can be played...

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      Looking for an ambient and textures creation box? As huge fans of cinematic atmospheric soundtracks and ambiences we wanted to develop a pedal made for soundscapes creation. It's composed of a Shimmer Reverb, a Dynamic Tremolo and a Modulated Delay. Each effect can be used together or separately and has its own momentary or trails function. Pass from the...

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      Ampero Mini is the smallest guy in our Ampero family so far, offering you uncompromised Ampero sound in an ultra compact aluminum case. 

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      Based on the Fender 1965-era Deluxe Reverb — a coveted tube amp known for its natural touch-responsive and distinctive snappy overdriven sound. In conjunction with Fender, BOSS designed this stompbox to recreate the legendary tone of the 1965 Fender Deluxe Reverb amp. Features include the same controls on the original Deluxe Reverb: Level, Gain, Treble,...

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    • 429,00 € Delivery time 3-4 weeks

      3 EHX pedals in one! The polyphonic Micro POG provides glitch-free octaves above and below your actual pitch. Stereo Electric Mistress adds EHX's signature stereo flanging and chorus. Holy Grail Plus lets you choose from Spring, Hall and Room reverbs, plus Flerb. Shimmer Mode re-routes the effects' chain and opens the door to a world of amazing sonic...

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      Distortion/Reverb/Pitch/Tremolo Multi-Effect. Selectable analog fuzz, overdrive or clean tone. Selectable hall or room reverb, tremolo, pitch shifting. Mixable effect combinations. Three musical tone colors. Optional expression pedal control over pitch shifting, reverb time or tremolo rate. Tough and compact die-cast chassis. 96DC-200BI power supply included

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    • 329,00 € Delivery time 3-4 weeks

      Combines two sweet pedals. the Soul Food transparent overdrive and Nano POG polyphonic octave generator in one potent multi-effect. Use them alone or together, put either first in the chain, insert other pedals between them with the FX loop. Also includes a cool Mode switch for a choice of two different octave-up sounds.

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    • 253,00 € Delivery time 3-4 weeks

      All Analog multi-effect: distortion, chorus, delay. Delivers three EHX favorites in one compact pedal. Crushing lead and rhythm tone. Full tone sculpting, including two levels of scoop. New Noise Gate for minimal noise. 9.6VDC-200 Power Supply included

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    • 253,00 € Delivery time 3-4 weeks

      Combines two EHX pedals, Soul Food goes from clean boost to classic distortion and can easily drive a guitar amp into saturation. Holy Grail Max delivers four studio quality reverbs: Spring, Hall, Plate and Reverse. An Effects Loop lets you put a single pedal or your entire pedalboard in between the Soul Food and Holy Grail Max. An Effect Order toggle...

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    • 394,00 € Delivery time 2-3 weeks

      Robert Keeley's "Hendrix pedal" which gives you all the essential sounds Jimi used in one compact package. Includes the following effects: Fuzz, Wah, Harmonic Wah, Vibrato, Rotary, Octave. Separate footswitches for fuzz and modulation sounds.

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    • 333,00 € Delivery time 2-3 weeks

      Dark Side gives you the essential David Gilmour and Pink Floyd guitar sounds in one compact package. You can get the following sounds out of the Dark Side: Big Muff-style fuzz, Multi-head tape delay, Rotary/Leslie, Flanger, Univibe, Phaser.

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    • 289,00 € Delivery time 3-4 weeks

      Electro-Harmonix announces the Mod Rex Polyrhythmic Modulator, a pedal equipped with four, independent modulation sections synced in time. Mod delivers vibrato, flanger, chorus or phaser. Trem features tremolo, Pan modulates between left and right in stereo operation and Filter offers a choice of a modulated LPF, HPF or BPF. Each section provides four LFO...

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    • 599,00 € Delivery Time 1-2 Weeks

      The GE300 from MOOER is the flagship multi-effect instrument processor. By combining the well-received Micro Preamp series, TONE CAPTURE instrument matching technology, tri-voice polyphonic synthesizer module, and a wide-range of guitar effects and tools, the GE300 embellishes every single motive for creation from your mind with nuanced details. The GE300...

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    • 159,00 € Delivery time 2-4 Weeks

      The Mod 11 is packed with 11 different modulation effects that range from classic to exotic plus advanced functionality all in a compact pedal. It gives you access to powerful yet intuitive “hidden” parameters accessible through its Secondary Knob Mode which let you take even greater control over its effects.

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    • 129,00 € Delivery time 1-2 weeks

      Multi-effects processor 55 high-quality amp models from the Micro Preamp series 26 different default cabinet simulations (IRs) Supports 3rd party impulse responses (IRs, 2048 pts.) in 10 free user presets 40 drum rhythms and 10 metronome options Use up to 9 effect types at the same time 151 high quality effects 200 preset patches Tap Tempo function 80...

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    • 499,00 € Delivery time 2-4 weeks

      Synesthesia is an advanced, yet user friendly dual-channel multi-modulation engines, capable of running two modulation algorithms simultaneously. Packed with 38 classic and modern algorithms and 3 different DSP routing schemes Synesthesia offers limitless sonic possibilities. Up to 38 on-board algorithms - more may be made accessible via the SymmLab editor.

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    • 283,00 € Delivery time 2-4 weeks

      The Ultrawave Multiband Bass Processor embarks on a pioneering journey into the advanced potential of overdrive and tremolo, exploring a brave new universe of sounds yet unheard. At the Ultrawave’s core is a dynamic and multi-dimensional approach known as multiband processing. This process splits the frequency spectrum of a guitar, bass, or synthesizer...

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    • 229,00 € Delivery time 2-4 weeks

      The Mooer GE 200 is a multi-effect processor that contains 55 high quality amp models, 26 IR speaker cab models, 70 high quality effects, a 52 sec looper and drum machine that makes it ideal for home practice or live situation. The effects signal chain is fully customizable allowing each of the individual effects blocks to be internally routed in any...

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    • 279,00 € Delivery time 2-4 nädalat

      First multi-function MAKO modulation machine 6 studio-quality effects: Chorus, Phaser, Tremolo, Vibe, Rotary, and Filter 3 onboard banks to save 9 presets Dedicated lo-fi knob allows to mix various lo-fi parameters to every effect Stereo/Mono in-and-output

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