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      The cult classic Green Russian Big Muff first shook the ground in the mid-1990s. Since then it has been heralded by guitarists and bassists for its devastating low-end and unique sludge and sizzle. The Green Russian Big Muff creates a huge tone that is all its own, but is undeniably Big Muff.

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      Building off of the lush, tonal landscapes that the Julia created, Walrus Audio is beyond excited to announce the Julianna Deluxe Chorus/Vibrato. This release packs an all analog, digital LFO, stereo chorus/vibrato with new expanded features. Julianna is able to produce everything from mild smooth chorus, to seasick vibrato. 

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      The Duality is a unique fuzz pedal that contains two discrete fuzz circuits—a gated saw-tooth wave and a raunchy high-gain sound—which can be mixed together to yield a vast selection of distinct sonic textures.

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      The Microtubes Vintage is our tribute to some of the most legendary sounds in rock history. It provides warm tube-like tones with a natural dynamic response that echoes the organic compression of old tube amps and reel-to-reel tape machines.

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      Compact compressor designed especially for bass guitar. Input sensitivity ranges from -10 dBu to +2 dBu making it a perfect fit for both passive and active basses, Maximum gain reduction of 21 dB, with enough make-up gain to return your signal to full volume at maximum sustain (compression). Attack toggle switch changes the timing of the onset of...

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      Natural overdrive/clean boost sounds great on bass and guitar. Adjustable clean blend for articulate, full tone. Boosted power rails for extra definition and headroom. Selectable true or buffered bypass. Switchable -10dB pad. Ships with an EHX9.6DC-200 power supply

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      Not one, but two narrow filters sweep your tones under control of the envelope, generating very unique vocal-like sounds. A distortion switch enriches the harmonics. The response control varies the sweep range determined by your attack. Not only designed for and great on bass guitar, but also very funky on guitar.

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      The Mole is a bass booster that helps bassists and guitarists unearth a sound that is positively subterranean. Based on the classic design, this updated pedal adds the same rich, low-end bottom while adding a 20dB boost to your signal. Whether you step on the Mole to get deep, ground-shaking drive or dial back the knob to add some texture to your existing...

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      Tailor your drive/distortion sound with Sustain, Tone and Volume knobs. Features a Dry switch that mixes your dry bass, at unity level, with the Nano Bass Big Muffs distortion. True bypass for maximum signal path integrity. Road worthy die-cast chassis. 9Volt battery included

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      Tailor your drive/distortion sound with sustain, tone and volume knobs, A dry switch that mixes your dry bass with the Bass Big Muff Pi's distortion. A bass boost EQ switch that reintroduces your low frequencies when tone is set for high frequencies. Based on the Russian Big Muff. Tough and compact die-cast chassis, True Bypass

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      Vintage Ampeg growl for bass and guitar, controls: treble, bass, volume & gain, Stones/Stoner switch. Huge grind without compromising the big solid round lowend, balanced attack treble, and amazing note clarity even hitting chords on a bass!

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      Bass Distortion and DI Box, Both Clean and Distortion channels. Run direct to the PA or straight to the mixing board. Smart noise gate and optimized EQ.

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      CHT Constant Headroom Technology for clear, clean performance, True bypass, Sounds great on guitar.

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      Bass distortion pedal, Developed in cooperation with indie pedal phenom and bass dirt guru Ryan Ratajski, separate dry and wet level controls, distortion type can be toggled between silicon clipping diodes with an aggressive and biting and slightly compressed sound or LED diodes with a more wide open, more voluminous sound, tone knob for adjusting treble...

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      Technology found in keyboard and modular synthesizers in a pedal designed for guitarists and bass players. The Blurst modulates an instrument’s sound like an envelope filter, but instead of the filter’s response being controlled by playing dynamics, it’s controlled by an internal oscillator. The Blurst is a must have for the adventurous player who wants...

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      Co-designed with Karnivool's Jon Stockman, Alpha·Omega features two completely new and blendable distortion engines, a 3-band active equalizer and both a parallel and a direct output for an extremely wide variety of distortion textures and maximum sonic flexibility.

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      The Ampeg SCR-DI Bass DI with Scrambler Overdrive is a true Ampeg preamp, delivering a wide range of Ampeg tone perfect for the stage. The classic Ampeg EQ offers additional tonal control including Ultra-Hi and Ultra-Lo tone shaping. Plus, you can dial in tube-like grind with the all-new Bass Scrambler overdrive. With a built-in headphone out and aux in...

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      Awesome on guitar and bass, the Hot Wax fuses our Hot Tubes and Crayon pedals into one powerful dual-overdrive. Use each individually or stack them with the Crayon driving the Hot Tubes. Master EQ and Blend controls provide the tonal flexibility power players demand. The Hot Wax is the next evolution in inspired overdrives!

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      The Cali76 Compact Bass is an 1176-style studio-grade FET compressor, complete with dedicated controls for parallel compression and side-chain filtering. We’ve taken everything that was great about the original Cali76, added new features optimised for bass and compressed the whole lot down into a pedalboard-friendly package!

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      Same bone-crushing sound and flexibility from bigger brother Alpha Omega, but in a smaller, more affordable format. With the double distortion engine (Alpha and Omega), the Alpha·Omicron delivers unparalleled versatility and harmonic rich sound. Designed for bassists in need of a preamplifier to be distinctively heard in any musical context.

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      The Cry Baby Bass Mini Wah delivers the same sound and functionality as the popular 105Q at half the size with a lighter aluminum housing. Just like its bigger brother, this pedal is optimized to retain a strong, solid fundamental while sweetening up fills and solos, and it'll fit nicely on your downsized travel board.

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      The MXR Bass Envelope Filter delivers classic analog envelope filter sounds with separate Dry and Effect level controls to keep your low end intact.

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      With the Microtubes B3K v2 you get all the features of the original, with the ability to restore the mids for natural character. The attack switch has been replaced by the tone knob, giving much more control of the higher harmonic content (3 kHz to 8 kHz). The grunt switch is still present, as you would expect. The addition comes in the form of a mid...

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      With the Microtubes B7K v2 you get all the features of the original, with the ability to better sculpture your tone: on the low mids you have the option to change the center frequency from 1KHz to 500Hz, and on the high mids you have the option to change the center frequency from 3kHz to 1.5kHz. This will enable you to tailor your absolute dream...

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