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Gamechanger | Audio was founded by four friends committed to exploring the uncharted territories of music electronics and creating devices that provide real value while stretching the imagination of both musicians and engineers.

With all products proudly made in Latvia, the company took the effects pedal scene by storm with their innovative Plus pedal and continues to shake it up with Plasma distortion, Light reverb and many other unique effects. 

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    A spring-loaded rocking foot-pedal for upwards and downwards pitch-bending movements. High-quality buffered bypass and seamless transitions into and out of bypass. Multi-fuction LED-lit knobs. LED color and intensity are indicators of the selected parameters and values. AUTO mode, with an LFO controlling the pitch-bend rate and the foot-pedal controlling...

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  • 379,00 € In Stock

    The PLUS pedal is a new kind of audio processing engine that offers piano-style sustain and sostenuto for guitars and other melodic instruments.

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    The optional extra ‘Wet’ pedal will allow you to toggle the dry signal off completely and use your guitar as a string or organ-like pad.

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  • 309,00 € In Stock

    The PLASMA PEDAL is a revolutionary approach within the realm of overdrive and distortion, as it is a new and previously unexplored method of achieving signal clipping. Instead of using LED circuits, transistors or vacuum tubes to produce overdrive, the PLASMA PEDAL transforms your instrument’s live signal into a series of continuous high-voltage...

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  • 389,00 € In stock

    LIGHT pedal is the world's first analog optical spring reverb system that uses infra-red optical sensors to harvest the full timbral and harmonic range of a spring reverb tank. The result is a variety of analog reverb sounds ranging from classic to experimental to pure magic!

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  • 359,00 € In stock

    This IS high voltage rock'n'roll A special version of the PLASMA Pedal: Created by Gamechanger Audio, Jack White and Third Man Records.

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  • 369,00 € 2-3 weeks delivery time

    The PLASMA Drive Eurorack Module brings the sounds of the PLASMA Pedal to the modular world. The functions of the pedal are complemented with CV control over the level of distortion and a dry/wet mix. The Module introduces tracking oscillators for a new Octave Up & Two-Octave Down function, thus adding even more harmonics to the original signal....

    369,00 €
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Showing 1 - 7 of 7 items