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        Large diameter alnico 5 rod magnets and a high output coil wind deliver the most tone and attitude you could ever want in a P-Bass pickup.

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      • 115,00 € In Stock

        A high-powered neck pickup with 1/4” diameter Alnico 5 rod magnets to deliver all the attitude you could ever want from a Jazz Bass.

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      • 119,00 € In Stock

        This bridge pickup has quarter-inch diameter Alnico 5 rod magnets to deliver all the attitude you could ever want from a Jazz Bass.

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      • 169,00 € In stock

        Recommended For: Neck and bridge positions. The DiMarzio Model J™ was designed to fit the original Fender Jazz Bass, which has neck and bridge pickup cavities of two different sizes. Some current basses use the same length pickup in both positions. The DiMarzio Model J™ set, DP123, consists of two pickups of different lengths, with the neck pickup shorter...

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      • 299,00 € In Stock

        The Fluence Bass Soapbar pickup brings revolutionary Fluence Multi-Voice performance, dynamic range, and articulation to 4 and 5-string bassists. Based on Fishman’s convention-disrupting Fluence Core technology, a single bass pickup can now produce multiple timbres and sounds, each untethered from the other. Original and totally re-imagined, Fluence...

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      • 255,00 € In stock

        The Quarter Pound for Jazz Bass was designed to deliver hot output, great attack, and massive attitude. The quarter-inch diameter poles and intense coil winding deliver a full, even response, with great sustain and sonic richness. The magnets on the Quarter Pound P-bass pickup expand the magnetic field and extend the frequency ranges for a fat, full,...

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      • 119,00 € In stock

        Widen the sound of your gear with a Split P™ pickup. Each half of this unique double-blade P-style pickup is a complete humbucker. Split P™ pickups are EQ’d to expand the range of your bass by extending both low- and high-end response: a great way to get a broader contemporary sound from mid-rangy one-pickup-in-the-middle basses. The double-blade design...

        119,00 €
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      • 109,00 € In stock

        Breathe new life into any bass by replacing its stock pickup with a DiMarzio Model P®. This hum-cancelling two-piece pickup brings big, punchy sound to Fender® Precision Bass®-style basses. The DiMarzio Model P® accurately reproduces the sound of your bass with added gain and solid tone. DiMarzio Model P® pickups cut through the band without sacrificing...

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      • 168,00 € Delivery time 1-2 weeks

        The Tone Capsule is a new, unusual take on onboard preamplifiers. It’s designed to respect your instrument’s natural character while expanding exponentially the tonal possibilities. The Tone Capsule is unique in the way that it doesn’t have a Treble control. The idea was Sheldon Dingwalls, he thought that making a Bass-Mid-Treble was too normal for his...

        168,00 €
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      • 159,00 € Delivery time 1-3 weeks

        This 4-string Music Man Stingray replacement humbucker is voiced like the original 70s Stingrays, for a more organic response and feel.

        159,00 €
        Delivery time 1-3 weeks
      • 119,00 € Delivery time 2-3 weeks

        Inside the EMG 40TWX are two independent pickups: a single coil and a humbucker, with the X Series preamp for increased dynamic response and clarity. The single-coil mode is our JCSX pickup built with ceramic magnets and steel pole pieces for a rich, warm tone. The humbucker mode is our popular CSX (ceramic steel) dual-coil for a big, aggressive sound...

        119,00 €
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      • 99,00 € Delivery time 1-2 weeks

        40P5, High Quality Active Pickup Soapbar Split Coil Model For Five-Strings Basses with Normal String Spacing Classic P-Bass Characteristics Wide Sonic Palette High-End Articulation & Low-End Punch Noiseless Includes 25K Tone Pot & 25K Volume Pot Ceramic Magnets, Includes Quick Connect Cables Easy Solderless Install, Black Cover

        99,00 €
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      • 115,00 € Delivery time 2-4 weeks

        FEATURESPlain enamel coated wire Shellac-dipped to reduce feedback Flat-magnet height stagger DC Resistance/Magnet Type:Neck: 12.0KΩ/alnico 5 Bridge: 7.3KΩ/alnico 5 Includes installation hardware

        115,00 €
        Delivery time 2-4 weeks
      Showing 1 - 13 of 13 items