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    Power your DigiTech iStomp, JamMan Solo XT, or Whammy 5 with the DigiTech PS0913DC-01. The DigiTech PS0913DC-01 is a 9 volt DC power supply. 1300 mA 2.1 x 5.5mm Barrel connector Inside negative, outside positive

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  • 25,00 €

    Seven classic distortion stompbox models, Flexible Output Mode, stereo outputs for larger than life distortion, Amp and CIT™ mixer outputs, Level/Low, Mid Frequency/Mid, Gain/High, and model controls, Rugged cast-metal chassis, Unique carbon-fiber look, Non-skid rubber base Good condition. No original box or power supply included. Sale of this pedal only...

    25,00 €
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    True Polyphonic Pitch Shifting and Whammy effects in a single pedal, Drop or Raised tuning by 7 half steps or an entire octave, Classic Whammy voicings, Momentary footswitch for Hammer-on and Pull-off effects, True Bypass, Classic style rugged metal Whammy chassis, Durable, road worthy metal footswitches, MIDI Input, 9V DC Power Adapter included

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  • 189,00 € Delivery time 1-5 days

    Next generation pitch shifting algorithms, Classic and Chords shifting modes, True Bypass, 10 Whammy settings, 9 Harmony settings, 2 Detune settings, Rugged metal chassis, MIDI input, 9V DC power adapter included

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  • 109,00 € Delivery time 1-5 days

    Famous Whammy sound without a bulky treadle, Bend notes up or down across 2 octaves, 7 Selectable Pitch intervals, Ultimate control of Shift and Return time, LED Trajectory Ladder provides instant visual feedback, Classic and Chords mode, Momentary or Latching footswitch, True Bypass in latching mode

    109,00 €
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Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items