Accessories for guitars - cables, stands, tuners, picks, capos, bags, cases and more


    • Cables

      Guitar Cables

    • Guitar Care

      Guitar care products - cleaners, conditioners, polish cloths etc.

    • Bags & Cases

      Bags and cases for guitars

    • Stands

      Guitar & amp stands

    • Capos

      Guitar capos for acoustic and electric guitars

    • Straps

      Guitar straps

    • Slides

      Guitar slides, glass slides, steel slides etc.

    • Picks

      Guitar Picks

    • Guitar Wireless Systems

      Wireless systems for electric guitars or bass guitars. 

    • Other accessories

      Soundhole covers, interfaces for recording guitar and other stuff

    • Batteries

      Duracell Procell batteries are Duracell’s line of batteries designed for industrial and professional use.

    • Earplugs

      Hearing protection

    • Recording

      Everything for getting quality recordings in the comfort of your own home setup! Audio interfaces, studio monitors, microphones, headphones and much more!

    • Gifts

      Gifts for guitar players.