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      Twelve different studio-class reverb machines in one, including some effects new to science, Choose from an incredible range of Rooms, Halls, Plates and Springs, In addition, thrill to the proprietary radical Strymon creations: Swell, Bloom, Cloud, Chorale, Shimmer, Magneto, Nonlinear, Reflections, 300 user-programmable presets, Selectable Speaker Cabinet...

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      Compact, easy to use digital/analog reverb with a pure analog direct signal path. It creates a natural sounding ambient reverb that will not get in the way of your original signal.

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      A compact, affordable pedal packed with advanced functionality and 11 reverb styles ranging from essential to exotic. 11 different reverb types: HALL, SPRING, PLATE, REVRS, ECHO, TREM, MOD, DYNA, AUTO-INF, SHIM and POLY. Tails switch. Select whether the reverb fades out naturally or stops immediately when the pedal is switched to bypass. Easy access to...

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      Reverberator, Hand crafted, computationally intense spring, plate and room algorithms, Normal, Mod and Shimmer modes, Super low noise, high perf. 24/96kHz A/D, D/A w/ 115dB typical signal to noise, Analog dry path for a zero latency dry signal that is never converted to digital, Mod mode for a beautifully modulated spring, room or plate reverb, TRUE...

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      Six meticulously crafted reverbs in one pedal. Dry path pure analog. Relay true bypass and delay trails modes

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      The Dispatch Master’s hi-fi delay and reverb sounds and intuitive control set have made it a staple of pro pedalboards around the globe. It features a dynamic reverb that goes from natural and roomy to cavernous and deep, up to 1.5 seconds of delay time, and a dialed-in delay Repeats control delivering anything between a single echo to infinite repeats...

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      Caverns Delay Reverb V2 dual effect pedal combines delay and reverb for the perfect end to any pedal board. It features Keeley’s analog style tape delay with modulation options.  The 650ms of warm delay combine with Spring, Shimmer or Modulated Reverb. Now with True-Bypass or Trails option. The New V2 features Keeley’s most popular time-based effects,...

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      The Fathom is a feature-rich reverb with 4 different customized reverb algorithms to choose from. Easily go from tasteful, small room reverb to long, modulated trails dripping of ambient goodness. The toggle switch adds options for low, medium and high modulation. Use the dampen knob to fine tune the tone of the reverb's decay.

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      The Mad Professor Kosmos is a small, easy to use and super versatile pedal for a wide variety of ambient reverbs. With just one footswitch you can, of course, turn the pedal ON and OFF, but also hold the switch for freeze function ambient effect or make beautiful swell effects without the need of a volume pedal.

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      Meris Mercury 7 Reverb is a reverb pedal that got its inspiration from the soundtrack of Blade Runner. Two different reverb sounds (Ultraplate and Cathedral), and loads of modifying options inside them. Shimmer also goes octave down. Input is adjustable for instrument or line level signals. Meris is a new company founded by Terry Burton, who was one of...

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      With richer reverbs and a Mix knob that goes 100% wet, the Immerse Mk II is Neunaber´s best-sounding reverberator to date. Delivering the same no-nonsense flexibility as its predecessor, it’s more user-friendly than ever before. Experience studio-quality tone in a pedal that can be used with instruments of all stripes. The Immerse Mk II is packed with...

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      The Caroline Guitar Company Meteore Lo-Fi Reverb pedal puts the sound of vintage spring reverbs onto your pedalboard with some very interesting twists. This purposefully-imperfect 'verb digitally emulates the spring tanks of vintage amps with full control over the attack, size, regeneration, and level. The "Dark/Bright" tone switch does exactly what it...

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      The Slö Multi Texture Reverb allows players to create lush, modulated, sleepy and ambient soundscapes. Stocked with three different algorithms specifically designed to invoke textures for bringing dreams from your subconscious to reality. The toggle switch allows three different reverb modes, Dark (Lower Octave), Rise (Ambient Swell) and Dream (Latching...

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    • 429,00 € In stock

      The Collider offers an exceptional collection of rich, spacious tones, including realistic reproductions of vintage Analog, Tape, and Oil Can Delays, classic models of Spring and Plate Reverb, natural replications of large and small acoustic spaces, and an intriguing and highly musical selection of “unnatural” tones including a tripped-out Reverse Delay...

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      Acclaimed Reverb Pedal Expanded with 4 MASH Switches, Shimmer Reverb and 8 Reverb Presets 

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      • 2 simultaneous, independent, stereo reverb engines• Series and parallel control for the dual reverbs• 24 presets• Stereo in/out or mono send/return with pre and post reverb options• Tide Control for stereo image alteration• Lo-fi Control• Infinite attenuation control• Tap tempo to set your pre-delay time, echo time and more• Input jack for external...

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      reverb effects pedal from the JHS Pedals 3 Series intuitive controls offer a wide range of possible sounds ranges from small room sounds to nearly endless washes of ambiance Pre-Delay toggle creates a short delay between the time the reverb starts and the original signal true bypass controls for Verb, EQ, Decay Pre-Delay toggle switch battery operation...

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    • 239,00 € In stock

      The Astral Destiny is a compact and powerful modulated octave reverb pedal that features 8 reverb modes with 8 editable presets, assignable expression control, tails for natural reverb decay when the effect is bypassed and a super cool stretch feature that doubles the length of the reverb while adding an adjustable pitch bending effect.

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    • 389,00 € In stock

      The R1 is an extremely powerful and versatile multi-function reverb that can quickly go from small intimate room sounds to massive washes of experimental euphoria with six customized, studio-quality programs - Spring, Hall, Plate, BFR, RFRCT (Refract), and Air. Every program can be tuned and tweaked and then saved to one of nine on-board presets.

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    • 435,00 € In stock

      Specular Tempus is a powerful reverb and delay effect processor in a compact pedal. Featuring 32 hand-crafted algorithms, 32 presets. stereo in/out, tap-tempo, and extensive inter-connectivity. Using the SpecLab software (free download) users get access to an extended set of parameters for deep-editing of the algorithms.

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      LIGHT pedal is the world's first analog optical spring reverb system that uses infra-red optical sensors to harvest the full timbral and harmonic range of a spring reverb tank. The result is a variety of analog reverb sounds ranging from classic to experimental to pure magic!

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      Stereo reverb With spring-, plate- and vintage digital effects True or buffered bypass Presets can be stored Additional effects available to download Live/Preset mode Dual processor UAFX engine 2 Inputs: 6.3 mm jack (input 2 for stereo connection) 2 Outputs: 6.3 mm jack (output 2 for stereo connection) USB-C port (for updates via computer) Powered via 9 V...

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      LIMITED EDITION! Reverberator, Hand crafted, computationally intense spring, plate and room algorithms, Normal, Mod and Shimmer modes, Super low noise, high perf. 24/96kHz A/D, D/A w/ 115dB typical signal to noise, Analog dry path for a zero latency dry signal that is never converted to digital, Mod mode for a beautifully modulated spring, room or plate...

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      There’s no mistaking the sound of genuine Fender amp Tremolo and Reverb. These lush, dynamic amp effects inspired entire genres of music. The Tre-Verb pedal places independent Tremolo and Reverb effects at your feet in a compact, easy-to-use pedal. We included classic reverb voicings based on our renowned spring reverb units from 1963 and 1965 and...

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    Showing 1 - 24 of 78 items