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      • 99,00 €

        The Providence VLC-1 Velvet Comp provides smooth, lustrous compression. An attack time control makes it possible to match the compression to a range of playing styles from arpeggios through long sustain to crisp chording. The Velvet Comp's wide sustain range gives it extended sonic versatility, delivering outstanding performance whether used as a limiter,...

        99,00 €
      • 299,00 € Before 335,00 € In Stock

        Dual Digital Delay Pedal, Two simultaneous delays, unique digital rack delay voicings, Five dual delay adjustment and tone shaping knobs, One modern and two classic digital delay voicings, Ultra low noise 24-bit 96kHz converters, 115dB typical SNR Minor scratches on bottom of pedal. With original box, power supply and full warranty. 

        299,00 € Before 335,00 €
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      • 149,00 € Before 169,00 €

        The TB-09 features a real vacuum tube in its construction for a more organic response and controls for drive, level, boost and tone. Good condition with original packaging and original power supply. This pedal available only in our retail store. (C.R. Jakobsoni 14, Tallinn)

        149,00 € Before 169,00 €
      • 166,50 € Before 185,00 € -10% In stock

        Iconic amp sounds for your pedalboard. The Mystic Edge valve distortion pedal offers the chime and midrange of the VOX AC30 in a compact pedal format, powered by Nutube for warm and responsive amp-like tones. Some scratches on both sides of pedal!

        166,50 € Before 185,00 € -10%
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      • 59,00 €

        Studio-Quality Acoustic Guitar Tone, Built-In Feedback Suppression, Restores Natural Playing Feel, Ultra-Compact Design, True Bypass, 9v Power Supply NOT included In good condition! Some signs of use. 

        59,00 €
      • 49,00 €

        Used, in good condition. May exhibit minor traces of use.  Part of Line 6's interchangeable Tone Core pedal series, the Crunchtone Overdrive features two switches for different gating options and Blues/Pop/Crunch overdrive tones. 

        49,00 €
      • 119,00 €

        Used, in very good condition. May have very slight traces of use. Works 100% perfectly. The T-Rex Viper is a vibrato pedal with speed, depth, and level control. It also features a "MODE" switch which goes from a more intense Leslie/Rotating Speaker effect to a more subtle vibrato. A trim on the rear of the pedal controls vibrato intensity.

        119,00 €
      • 99,00 €

        Used Photo Theremin, works perfectly, has some scratches / traces of use. No power supply included! The Electro-Faustus EF102 Photo Theremin captures the magic of the original Theremin, while putting it into a modern form. The EF102 uses a light sensitive photocell to control pitch. Add a little reverb or delay, and amaze your friends with its...

        99,00 €
      Showing 1 - 8 of 8 items