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The PLUS pedal is a new kind of audio processing engine that offers piano-style sustain and sostenuto for guitars and other melodic instruments.

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The Plus Pedal is a truly unique solution for the modern singer songwriter, taking the basic concept of a piano sustain pedal but providing more control and customisation. This pedal is a revelation, and really moves the goal posts of what you can do.

Essentially, it allows you to sustain selected notes and chords to create a "drone" as you play. By pressing and holding the pedal down, it will sustain the tail-end of the last note in a soft pad effect. Then you can continue to play over the top, and the pedal will only sustain the notes that were played when you pressed it.

Already, this pedal is ‘smarter’ than a mechanical sustain pedal on a piano. But they haven't stopped also get 4 controls to really tweak your sustain!


  • Blend allows you to adjust the amount of wet signal in the mix. In other words, it affects how loud you want the sustained notes to be in comparison to your original dry sound.
  • Tail controls how long the note continues to sustain once you release the pedal. You can set it to cut off straight away, giving you snappy control, or let it ring out and combine new layers on top of each other for a richer sonic "wall of sound."
  • Rise controls the attack of the wet signal, and how quickly or slowly you want the wet signal to fade in.
  • Sustain allows you to change the length of the sustain, from that of a naturally ringing string’s sustain to an infinite sustain (as long as you’re holding the pedal!)

Thanks to an effects loop, with a dry/wet toggle switch you can play with other effects and change how they work with the wet or dry channels separately. And with 2 outputs, you can send your dry signal out to a separate amp to the wet signal and really control the effect you’re creating on stage!
The optional extra ‘Wet’ pedal will also allow you to toggle the dry signal off completely and use your guitar as a string or organ-like pad. The options are endless for what you can create with the Plus Pedal!

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