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Rainger FX makes cutting-edge guitar effects pedals for today’s musicians, designing and manufacturing them in the UK.

Set up by David Rainger in 2009, Rainger FX is a North West London-based guitar effects company, designing and building new kinds of effects pedals, and providing new sounds inspired by music around right now – with a totally distinctive visual style and use.

Pedals should sound great, be totally reliable, and be fun; we like LEDs a lot – and a visual representation of the sound is very important.

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  • 185,00 € In Stock

    An overdrive pedal in its most basic form, the Minibar allows you to pour any concoction of your choice into its integrated container - with the properties of the liquid you've added determining the sound of the pedal! Affecting the type of distortion and the shape of the EQ, the Minibar's tone can be tweaked in some of the most unconventional ways you...

    185,00 €
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  • 359,00 € In Stock

    This is the most atmospheric, cinematic pedal that Rainger does… Dub-flavoured digital delay (based on our Echo-X delay pedal), that also produces low, throbbing drones that can also be mixed through the delay circuit. If you play shoegaze, doom/heavy/psychedelic rock, or ambient music it’s a fantastic tool for making a powerful base note to play over....

    359,00 €
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Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items