Pedalboards, power stations and other stuff


    • Power Supply

      Here you will find a great selection on power supply units to power your pedals and pedalboards. A quality isolated output unit will lead to a clean and hum free signal. It is important to choose a unit which corresponds to your pedals requirement. Feeding incorrect voltage or current to your pedals might damage them.

      If you are unsure about which power supply is ideal for you, contact us and we will be happy to help!   

    • Pedalboards

      We have a great assortment of the worlds most popular pedalboard brand - Pedaltrain. Simple, useful and great value! Most models are available with either a portable bag or heavy duty tour case. All pedaltrain boards include enough velcro to attach all your pedals.

      Feel free to visit our retail store with all your pedals and we will happily assist you in finding the right model. Alternatively, you can also use to find your optimal board for Your setup and order online! 

    • Bypass Loopers & MIDI

      Bypass Loopers and MIDI Controllers for controlling your pedals and rigs.

    • Power Cables

      Power cables for guitar effect pedals, power supplies and amplifiers.

    • Pedalboard Accessories

      Accessories for pedalboards, backpacks, brackets, cases, velcro etc.