• I would like to have my instrument serviced, do I have to make an appointment?

Answer: Our luthiers work by appointment only. You can book a time easily online at: kitarrihooldus.ee . Having an appointment guarantees that when you bring the guitar in to be serviced, you may receive it at the end of the day or the day after. If you stop by without an appointment, it may result in the guitar waiting for the next available spot for weeks. To avoid this, make an appointment. 

  • Do you repair amps and pedals?

While we don't repair guitar amplifiers, we do know where to ask! We suggest to contact Stekker.ee or Bluescape.ee

We can help with guitar pedals. Everything regarding replacing parts and other common issues in most cases can be fixed. 

  • When should i change my guitar strings?

Short answer: every couple of months

Long answer: Depending on how often the instrument is being played. If you practice daily, then changing the strings after every couple of weeks would greatly benefit the fretboard and the sound of the instrument. But since most of us simply don't have the time to practice daily, and maybe can play 2-3 times a week, then replacing your string set after a couple of months is quite fine. Even if you don't have the time to pick up the instrument at all, we still recommend changing the strings after a couple of months. Avoiding dull sounding and rusty strings is a good idea.

  • Which strings should I pick for my instrument?

Long answer: First we need to understand what type of guitar are we dealing with. Let's break it down roughly to four categories: electric guitars, acoustic guitars, classical guitars & bass guitars. For example, we don't recommend putting bronze / steel strings on a classical guitar, because the tension of steel strings will most likely break a classical guitar pretty quickly, and it won't stay in tune. Same thing applies the other way around, except nylon strings will not break a classical guitar, but it will most likely not be an optimal guitar playing experience.
Once we have identified the correct instrument, then we can move on to figuring out the right strings just for you! Depending on the playing style, sound & tension preference, we can recommend different options. It may take a while to figure out what works best for you, as the list of brands and different material options is constantly evolving and might induce some serious option paralysis. The important thing is to understand what kind of sound are you going for, what gauges have you tried and what tuning do you use. Based on that information, the sales staff can identify what strings you should get. Remember to try different brands also, as they all have some differences to one another.

  • Do you sell guitars for beginners?

Short answer: YES! 

Long answer: While most people, including a lot of shop assistants, will associate a ''beginner guitar'' with something in the 100-200€ price range, we would like to dispute this. It is true, that we don't sell low-end instruments, but it is due to our belief that no player should start their musical journey with the cheapest ''Made in China / Indonesia'' mass-produced instrument. They usually suffer from cheap parts, poor construction and barely playable setups. All this will contribute to extra maintenance cost and loss of playing entirely. By starting out with a decent medium-range instrument, you can avoid these problems and maximise your playing / creative sessions. The more you pay, the more you get - it's that simple. Better guitars have betters parts, materials, setups and sounds! There's an expression that says : ''We are not rich enough to buy cheap stuff''. This applies ideally to the guitar realm. So to summarise: for your first instrument, get a decent, medium priced guitar and avoid ''toys'' that cost 100€.

  • Do you sell ukuleles?

Short answer: NO.

Long answer: No, we do not sell ukuleles :) We are focused on the needs of guitar players and bassists, and do not deal with other musical instruments. For all other musical instrument needs, we suggest to contact stores like Stanford Music, PVX Muusik or IS Music Team.

  • How about drumsticks?

Answer: See our previous answer about ukuleles ;)

  • If an item on your website is displayed as ''In stock'', does that mean that the item is actually located inside your shop?

Answer: Correct! Our stock is 99.9% accurate and being updated in real time. If an item is displayed as green and ''In stock'', that means the item is actually in stock. Sometimes an item can be displayed in yellow or red, that means, that this item is currently out of stock. Yellow means that we can order this item pretty quickly. Estimated delivery times are also displayed with every product. Ordering an item which is displayed in red means, that the delivery may take a bit more time and ordering it may be a little more complicated. Please contact us directly regarding those orders.

  • Can non-EU citizens buy tax-free from your shop?

Answer: Yes! We work with Global Blue Tax Free system and can register tax-free purchases in our store. In case you are located outside the EU, can't visit our store and would like to purchase items via internet - contact us and we can make the necessary invoice.

  • When will i receive my order?

Answer: As long as we have your item(s) in stock and ordered before 14:00, we offer next day delivery via SmartPost and DPD courier service. Most parcel station deliveries are for free!

  • Do you sell second-hand equipment?

Answer: Yes! All second-hand equipment will be displayed on our webstore, but for some items purchase is possible only at our shop and in cash only because we do not own those items ourselves. Every second-hand item has been carefully inspected and has all the ''nicks and bruises'' described. If an item does not meet our standards, then we won't sell it at our store.

  • What financing options are there available at your shop?

Answer: We work with Holm Bank AS to provide finacing for all items except second-hand items. Click here to see the payment terms and options. We also work with ESTO.