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Tech 21 New York, Guitar & Bass Effects

Tech 21's core product, the SansAmp, was introduced in 1989. Although other companies have manufactured multi-effect units, the SansAmp was unique in that it introduced the concept of amp-modeling, that is, altering guitar sound to emulate different amplifiers, and allowed recording direct to a mixing console.

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    For the pro on the go, the VT Bass DI covers a lot of ground in a small footprint. This multi-function, multi-application format features three different outputs. You can complement your current rig, record direct, drive power amps and go direct to the PA. Just throw it in your gig bag and you’re ready at a moment’s notice.

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    Much more than just a direct box, the SansAmp Bass Driver DI is capable of dialing up big vintage tube tones, bright modern slap sounds, gnarly distortions, and all in between. Three different outputs to drive power amps, recording desks, PA mixers, or simply enhance your current rig. Controls include Presence for definition and upper harmonic content;...

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    Whether you’re a MIDI-meister or amongst the MIDI-mindless, the MIDI Mongoose is a super simple way to control your gear on stage, in the studio, and on DJ decks for sound and lighting, too. Tech 21’s intuitive engineering eliminates the intimidation of trying to decipher an encyclopedia-sized manual just so you can change a darn program.

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    This floor version of our RPM rackmount provides the same detailed tone shaping possibilities for any signal source. It is particularly useful with acoustic, electric and bass guitars, and upright bass, either direct to a mixing console or with an instrument amplifier. The Para Driver DI gives your instrument a natural warmth and presence, as if miking it...

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    “Architecturally” create your own rig in seconds. You can easily achieve the most sought-after tube amp sounds, and entirely new ones as well. Choose amplifier type, modification and speaker cabinet/mic placement configurations. You can easily mix and match specific sound characteristics in ways that would otherwise be physically improbable, probably...

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    Always thinking of our fat-stringed brethren, we had to make a 3-channel, programmable, rig-in-a-box for bassists who can’t get enough of a great thing. Like the TRI-A.C. for guitar, you get three hot tones right at your toetips. The all-analog circuitry features the same controls as its single channel predecessor: Drive, Bass, Treble, Presence, Blend and...

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    The MIDI Mouse is designed to take the frustration and confusion out of MIDI and offer an exceptionally user-friendly footcontroller. Easily access 128 patches on any of the 16 selectable MIDI channels by using the Up and Down footswitches to locate your program, with no banks to select. A third footswitch toggles between Search mode to locate programs...

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    It is rare an electronic music-related product can withstand the test of time. For over 30 years, the SansAmp Classic has been used for every kind of music style from death metal to commercial jingles, in countless pro studios, on tours around the globe, on a vast variety of major releases (including Grammy Award-winning records), and by hundreds of...

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