Flanger effects

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      The Mod 11 is packed with 11 different modulation effects that range from classic to exotic plus advanced functionality all in a compact pedal. It gives you access to powerful yet intuitive “hidden” parameters accessible through its Secondary Knob Mode which let you take even greater control over its effects.

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      Hand crafted dBucket algorithm for highly accurate reproduction of every stage of an analog bucket brigade chip, Super low noise, high perf. A/D, D/A converters w/ 110dB signal to noise, 3 LFO types (log, lin, through zero), 3 Feedback types (positive, negative, pos/neg), TRUE BYPASS, Stereo output, Expression pedal input

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      Classic Flanger sounds with sweep and speed control. Filter Matrix Mode Freezes the sweep of the flanger allowing manual control of the flanger setting, True Bypass, Battery powered / optional 9 volt power supply

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      Micro Flanger Effects Pedal, 100% analog flanger with rate control and true bypass. Powered via 9V battery or optional power supply

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      The CAMOFLANGE Flanger was designed as a collaboration with DAN COGGINS (Former LOVETONE Pedal designer) as his second modulation pedal design since his Lovetone pedal days. This fully Analog Flanger was designed from the ground up to provide the most incredibly versatile flanger sounds with a level of versatility unsurpassed in analog effects so far.

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      Flanger pedal Vintage analog flanger sound with filter and oscilattion effect 2 modes (Normal/Filter) Metal housing True Bypass Input / Output: Mono jack, 6.3 mm Power: optional 9V DC power supply (-) Current Draw: 10 mA Dimensions: 93.5 mm (L) × 42 mm (W) × 52 mm (H) Weight: 160 g

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      Analog Flanger, The same incredible, rich, resonant flanging now in a pedalboard friendly package. Unique Filter Matrix mode stops the sweep for freeze-frame tones and tricks. LED to indicate when effect is engaged. True Bypass for maximum signal path integrity. EHX9.6-200mA power supply included,

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      Flanger and Chorus pedal, Truly independent stereo outputs. Chorus and flanger may be used together or independently. Filter matrix mode available allowing you to manually sweep the flanger. Tough and compact die-cast chassis. 96DC-200BI power supply included

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      Flanger Pedal, classic analog flanger with EVH switch, metal footswitch, status LED and EVH LED.

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      Dyno My Roto gives you three modulation sounds in one compact package: 1980's Dyno My Piano rack chorus, Leslie simulator and flanger. Modulation sounds of Rush, The Police and SRV can all be found from this pedal. Finally you can get those 80’s vintage rack chorus sounds that define killer chorus sounds. 

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      Bubble Tron gives you dynamic flanger and phaser effects with the additional step filter for random weirdness. Gives you sounds and possibilities not available in other modulation pedals. Bubble Tron has been inspired by Frank Zappa's use of modulation.

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      Pyramids is a Stereo Flanging Device with five presets, eight flanger modes, tap tempo, tap subdivision, a multifunction Modify control, positive and negative Feedback, and a variable Mix control, which is something you don’t see on a flanger every day.

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      Electro-Harmonix announces the Mod Rex Polyrhythmic Modulator, a pedal equipped with four, independent modulation sections synced in time. Mod delivers vibrato, flanger, chorus or phaser. Trem features tremolo, Pan modulates between left and right in stereo operation and Filter offers a choice of a modulated LPF, HPF or BPF. Each section provides four LFO...

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      The Mad Professor Double Moon is a small, easy to use and super versatile pedal for a wide variety of modulation sounds. True analogue bucket brigade signal paths with a Tone control makes the Double Moon a long-awaited modulation pedal for today’s guitar player. Double Moon pedal has 11 carefully designed modes that will let you dial in, not only all of...

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      The Polychrome Flanger is a true bypass, all analog Flanger pulling in familiar layout controls from the Julia and Lillian. Dial in a wealth of colorful flange with the D-F-V blend knob and the shape and voice switches.

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