EBS MultiComp Blue Label



  • Preserve the low range

  • Suitable for live and studio use

  • Dual-Band Compressor

  • Tubeism, Multi-Band and Normal modes

  • Controls for Compression, Gain & Sensitivity

  • Internal control to adjust the balance between bands in Multi-Band mode 

  • Powered by 9 to 18V DC

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Delivery time 2-4 weeks

165,00 €

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The EBS MultiComp is the most popular EBS effects unit ever. Thousands of bass players, guitarists, and other musicians all over the world use it on their pedalboards. The compressor hits the sweet spot between allowing for dynamic playing and creating a smooth consistency across the fretboard. It can also be used simply to push the gain and beef up the overall sound when desired. A compressor can be tricky to dial in. Maybe that is why the super intuitive EBS MultiComp has seen such a long-standing success. It is a compressor that you can't go wrong with, that doesn’t require a degree in sound engineering and still does exactly what you want.