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TAD Sprague Orange Drop Capacitors 0,047uF


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Sprague "Orange Drop" #715P 600 volt Capacitor. Sold per 1pc. 

TAD Sprague/Orange Drops have low tolerances (3%), expanded temperature range (-55°C to +105°C) and with extra long wires suitable for point-to-point wiring. The distinctive tone of the TAD Orange Drops is full and smooth yet clear and shiny.  Used for guitar tone control optimization.
  • 0,022uF: Gibson Les Paul, SG, Explorer and  ES-335 models.
  • 0,047uF: Fender Stratocaster or Telecaster models

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Manufactured with polypropylene film and extended foil. Polypropylene has a very low dissipation factor, low dielectric absorption and exhibits excellent capacitance stability. These characteristics combined with the direct connection of the lead wire to the extended foil electrode makes them series ideal for high current, high pulse applications.