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Reverberator, Hand crafted, computationally intense spring, plate and room algorithms, Normal, Mod and Shimmer modes, Super low noise, high perf. 24/96kHz A/D, D/A w/ 115dB typical signal to noise, Analog dry path for a zero latency dry signal that is never converted to digital, Mod mode for a beautifully modulated spring, room or plate reverb, TRUE BYPASS, Selectable trails mode

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Enjoy stunning reverb with this Strymon blueSky reverberator pedal. This reverb pedal uses every bit of processing power available to produce nine completely different lush, majestic reverb experiences: three reverb types with three modes each. This pedal even delivers a versatile plate reverb, something you don't find every day on a stompbox pedal.

The full pre-delay and damping section let you shape the tone of your reverbs, and 115dB signal-to-noise ratio plus 24-bit 06kHz converters make this reverb pedal appropriate for use in the recording studio and onstage. Use the Normal mode when you want to experience standard plate, room and spring reverb, or shift into Mod mode to add blissfully beautiful modulation to your choice of reverb. When you choose Shimmer mode, you get regenerative pitch shifting that lifts your sound into the stratosphere. Combine Shimmer mode with plate reverb to shift your pitch up an octave, or go for the Shimmer in Room and Spring reverb to generate a pitch shift of an octave plus a fifth.

  • Hand crafted, computationally intense Plate, Room and Spring algorithms
  • Normal, Mod and Shimmer modes per algorithm for extremely versatile reverb options
  • High Damp and Low Damp controls for über-flexible reverb tone shaping
  • Mod mode for a beautifully modulated spring, room or plate reverb
  • Shimmer mode for infinite pitch effects 'in the tank'
  • Dedicated Pre-Delay control to fine tune reflection times

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