Walrus Audio MAKO Series D1 V1


Walrus Audio


  • First model of new MAKO series (new upper-range segment effects line)

  • Five programs: Digital, Mod, Vintage, Dual, Reverse

  • Each program can be extensively modified with its own modulation, tone control and age via the tweak knob.

  • Stereo in and out

  • 128 presets via MIDI Control / 9 onboard presets

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  • Multi-function delay with stereo in and out

  • Five custom delay-programs: Digital, Mod, Vintage, Dual, Reverse

  • Digital” Program: crystal-clear delay that is perfect for rhythmic guitar parts

  • Mod” Program: unique modulation LFOs applied to the repeats

  • Vintage” Program: analog delay inspired tones with complex filtering

  • Dual” Program: two delays in parallel, each with different time divisions

  • Reverse” Program: reads delay memory backwards

  • Each program is extensively customizable

  • Tweak” knob controls “modulation”, “tone” and “age” (add some grit and wear)

  • Attack” knob to soften echo attack

  • Create dreamy and ethereal soundscapes with higher “attack” and “repeat” settings

  • Three subdivisions: Quarter, Eighth and Dotted Eighth

  • Nine on-board presets

  • 128 presets accessible via MIDI

  • MIDI In/Out DIN connections

  • Global- and preset-tempo modes

  • Tap Tempo switch

  • Bypass switch features momentary function

  • Press and hold bypass to ramp up repeats

  • Designed equally for live- and studio-applications

  • Three bypass modes: true bypass, DSP+ true bypass (trails) and DSP bypass