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The SIMPLIFIER X was thoroughly designed and developed to fulfill the needs of guitarists seeking for versatility, flexibility, practicality and of course, the ability to get the best tones ever produced by analog gear.

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Six all-analog amp voices to explore

No matter what sound you’re after, the Simplifier X is happy to oblige with two fully independent all-analog amplifier sections and a grand total of six stunning amplifier voices. Furthermore, the Simplifier X’s mirrored layout is a tone-chaser’s dream setup, including fully independent Resonance knobs, Presence controls, Pre Type/Pwr Type switches, full 3-band EQs, and Cabsim sections.

  • Amp A: This side — dubbed the Hot-Rod — contains three ripping amps on tap, from the classic top-boosted chime of AC Brit TB to the screaming gain tones of MS 800. And, of course, the Hot Rod channel also includes a spot-on re-creation of a modern American tube amp classic in the USA Rod voice, providing you with an exacting tonal tribute to the standby tube amp found on backlines and studios all around the world.
  • Amp B: The Simplifier X’s Classic Mk-II mode collects three amplifier voicings from DSM Humboldt’s previous Simplifier series pedals: AC Brit, USA, and MS Brit. First up, AC Brit re-creates the biting British chime of a 15-watt tube amp classic, while the USA voice goes back to the tweedy beginnings of American amplification with a rough-and-ready roar. Lastly, Sweetwater guitarists find the MS Brit voice to be an immaculate sonic tribute to the high-octane amp head that fueled the classic rock era’s most iconic crunch tones.

Three distinct modes of operation

Once you’ve chosen your amps and dialed in your EQ settings, the DSM Humboldt Simplifier X offers three unique modes of operation to explore:

  • A/B Amp + A/B Cab: The Simplifier X starts with a standard dual mono mode, where you swap between your two amp/cab combos with the click of a switch. This setting is perfect for players who need to instantly swap between different tones, with each amp sporting its own preamp, power amp, cab, reverb level, and loop effects.
  • A/B Amp + Stereo Cab: While this mode also switches between two amp voices, your cabinets and FX loop remain the same on the Left and Right stereo outputs. This allows you to dial in unique cab and effect settings on each side, resulting in a massive and enveloping wash of lush stereo sound.
  • Full Parallel: Finally, Parallel mode pulls out all the stops, allowing you to run both of the Simplifier X’s amplifier voices simultaneously, with each amp routing through the Left and Right outputs. This mode makes full use of the Simplifier X’s completely independent EQ and tone-shaping control sections — it’s essentially the time-tested double-amp stereo guitar rig packed down into a compact stompbox.

A comprehensive rig replacement

This 2-channel pedal has more than a few tricks hidden under the hood, starting off with a lush full-stereo reverb with Room, Plate, and Ether settings to impart a sense of space and size to your sound. Next, a selectable 1/8-inch aux input and headphone jack allow for dead-quiet late-night practice sessions, and you can even send your aux signal straight into the PA at a gig using the Simplifier X’s dual XLR DI outputs. Factor in the output-specific Cabsim Bypass controls and the included 2-button footswitch with channel switching/reverb buttons, and it’s clear that DSM Humboldt intended the Simplifier X to serve as a truly comprehensive centerpiece to your 6-string rig.

DSM Humboldt Zero Watt Reverb Stereo/Dual Amplifier Pedal Features:

  • All-analog 2-channel amplifier simulator pedal, elevating DSM Humboldt’s revered Simplifier series to an entirely new level
  • True stereo operation, with 2 independent stereo inputs
  • Contains 2 unique sides (Hot-Rod and Classic Mk-II), each with a trio of unique voices based on all-time classic amplifier models
  • 3 modes allow you to pair the pedal’s two Amp/Cab sides in a variety of different configurations
  • Independent Pre Type and Pwr Type switches on each side, with Power Drive and Preamp Gain knobs to explore a nearly endless array of amplifier possibilities
  • Fully independent EQ controls for each side, including 3-band EQs, Resonance, and Presence settings to tweak your tone
  • Onboard reverb section to add space and dimension to your tone, including Room, Ether, and Plate settings
  • FX loop with A/B Send and A/B return 1/4-inch jacks
  • Powerful Cabsim section with Combo/Twin/Stack switch and Speaker Color knob
  • Stereo 1/4-inch outputs with independent Cabsim Bypass switches, in addition to stereo XLR DI outs with a ground lift switch
  • Headphone jack with headphone level knob for silent practice sections
  • Assignable Aux In section with Aux Select control
  • Included footswitch for effortless hands-free switching between channels and reverb
  • Robust anodized aluminum enclosure with a handsome sandblasted finish

Tech Specs

  • Pedal Type:Modeling Preamp
  • Analog/Digital:Analog
  • Channels:2 (Amp A, Amp B)
  • Form Factor:Pedal
  • EQ:2 x Bass, 2 x Mid, 2 x Treble, 2 x Presence
  • Amp Modeling:6 x Amps, 6 x Cabs
  • Effects:2 x Reverb
  • Inputs:1 x 1/8" (aux in)
  • Outputs:2 x XLR (DI Out A, DI Out B), 2 x 1/4" (out A, out B), 1 x 1/4" (thru)
  • Other I/O:1 x 1/8" (footswitch)
  • Headphones:1 x 1/8"
  • Height:2.5"
  • Width:5.2"
  • Depth:3.9"
  • Weight:1 lbs.
  • Manufacturer Part Number:DSM - X

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