Providence B202 Bass Guitar Cable S/L 1m




The ultimate bass guitar cable. Wide-range with an enhanced low-mid range. The B202 model is also recommended for electro-acoustic or downtuned guitars, delivering natural, low-noise performance with emphasis on the lower frequencies. Made in Japan. 1 meter, with straight and L-angled jacks (91 degrees). 

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Length1 m

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ith an original Providence structure and Linear Bass'o OFC conductor, the Platinum Link B202 model achieves solid low-mid response that is beyond the capabilities of conventional guitar cables. The superior bass response of this cable is ideal for use with standard 4-string bass guitars, but it offers the extended range required for 5-string and 6-string types as well. The B202 model is also an excellent choice for guitarists who down-tune their instruments or use heavy-gauge strings for a bottom-heavy sound. The low-mid are essential for great electro-acoustic guitar tone too, and the B202 model delivers tonal range and quality that can dramatically enhance their sound. Although this cable offers extended low-mid response, high-frequency loss and sound thinning are minimal even with long cable runs. Gold-plated one-piece Providence NP-11G or NP-14G/NP-14GL (L-angle) plugs complete the B202 sound.

B202 Specifications
  • Providence with LINEAR BASS'O OFC for Electric Bass & Guitar
  • Conductor Size : 0.25mm2
  • Construction(No./mm) : 50/0.08OFC
  • Diameter : 0.65mm
  • Insulation Thickness : 1.93mm(±0.05)
  • Diameter : 4.50mm
  • Inner Jacket-Thickness : 0.25mm
  • Diameter : 5.00mm
  • Shield-Diameter : 5.50mm
  • Jacket-Thickness : 0.75mm(±0.10)
  • Diameter : 7.00mm
  • Maximum conductor resistance (20°C) : 70.70≧(Ω/km)
  • Capacitance(1kHz) : Approx.55(pF/m)