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    Nuts for Pots and Input Jacks, Chrome 3/8" x 32 thread

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    Graph Tech PT-6060-00 - 1/4" Epiphone® style Black Tusq slotted nut. Fits most Epiphone® guitars. Measures 1.75 long x 0.25 thick x 3/8 inch tall. 1 and 3/8 inch E to E spacing.

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    1/4 Input Jack, Stereo, Switchcraft #12B, with nut and washer. A stereo input jack is used for stereo wiring, or to turn on/off onboard active systems when the plug is inserted. Requires 3/8"-diameter mounting hole; 3/8 x 32 threaded portion is 1/4" long.

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    Featuring a finely-tuned quad-core processor and powered by exclusive Eleven HD Expanded DSP software, the HeadRush Pedalboard delivers the most versatile, realistic-sounding and responsive amplifier, cabinet, microphone and FX models ever found in a road-ready floorboard guitar FX processor. The 7-inch touch display enables you to touch, swipe and...

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    Switchcraft 1/4 inch mono #11 input jack. Includes nut and washer. Requires 3/8"-diameter mounting hole; 3/8 x 32 threaded portion is 1/4 inch long. Industry standard in quality and design. Essential component in all electric guitar builds.

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    Flatmount bridge with adjustable height, intonation and string spacing (roller bridge saddles). The roller bridge saddles reliably minimize string breakage while maintaining intonation and tuning stability.

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    High-quality Tune-o-matic bridge for all Les Paul™ type guitars. Compatible with post spacings from 74.0 - 74.5 mm. Features special retainer springs to prevent bridge rattle or string buzz. Saddles supplied without preconfigured string grooves allowing for individual string spacing. Slant angle to be determined by guitarmaker based on scale length and...

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    High-quality bridge for all Les Paul™ type guitars. Compatible with post spacings from 74.0 - 74.5 mm. Adjustable for height, intonation and string spacing. Low-friction roller saddles for excellent tuning stability. Comes with 2 different type saddle rollers to suit tone and string bending requirements: V-shaped for high strings and U-shaped for low...

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    Natural organic tone, un-surpassable touch sensitivity, sweet tube-like compression and built in inspiration. This natural sounding pedal works as a clean boost, on the edge crunch, or a sweet singing overdrive, always retaining the tone of your prized guitar.

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    Overdrive, controls for: Boost, Volume, Tone, Gain A and Gain B, mini toggle for Normal/Bright, mini toggle for Buffer on/off, 6 Voice-settings, 5 Bandwidth-settings.

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    StringLife is an advanced state liquid polymer which molecularly bonds to strings and forms a barrier between your strings and the elements (like acid, dirt, and grime) that steal their life. Easy to use, built-in applicator, one bottle provides 100+ treatments. 

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    Twelve different studio-quality delay machines in one, including some effects new to science, Choose from dTape- and dBucket analogue delays all the way to unique, shimmering ‘slice n dice’ Ice delays, Dual (series/parallel), non-linear, multi-tap, reverse, swell, ducking, locked-tremolo, locked-filter, and lo-fi (incl. dVinyl) modes, Built-in...

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    Preloaded with 25 presets from the original H910 / H949 Harmonizers. Additional effects available for purchase via the H9 Control app. Comes with a coupon for a free algorithm download. True analog bypass, Real-time MIDI control, Power supply included, MIDI via DIN and USB, Fast accurate tuner included, Expression pedal and AUX footswitch input, Sync to...

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    Packed with more power than pedals taking up more real estate, the compact Canyon features a collection of awe-inspiring effects. From pristine digital delay to warm and warbly tape echo, reverse and modulated delays, cascading octave delay and shimmer… even an exquisite Deluxe Memory Man emulation. There are ten different effects in all plus a fully...

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    Custom cascading multistage distortion topology provides a wide range of tube-inspired drive tones. Digitally controlled analog class A JFET input gain stage maximizes headroom while adding up to 20dB of pure analog gain. Precision crafted DSP gain stages provide detailed complexity and responsiveness. Low gain channel for smooth classic overdrive. High...

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    You have acquired an unusual tool. A perfect combination of brutality and clarity, the Microtubes B3K delivers defined and powerful saturation in an intuitive format. There are no rules and no limits, so dig in and unleash your tone.

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