AB / ABY lülitid, kontrollerid ja jalalülitid kitarridele, efektidele ja võimenditele. 

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    • 62,00 € Poes saadaval

      Simple, solid and very useful. Have you ever needed a simple mute switch with no frills? Just hit the footswitch and anything plugged into the input is made 100% silent.

      62,00 €
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    • 45,00 € Poes saadaval

      • Increases functionality and control over compatible devices• Compact, durable, easy-to-use• Works with EHX pedals and those made by other makers• No power required• Comes with a TRS (Tip-Ring-Sleeve) cable

      45,00 €
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    • 29,00 € Poes saadaval

      FS3X provides increased functionality and convenient Hands-free control over UP/DOWN selection of Models, Mode changes, Loop selection, auto START/STOPS and arms auto record where applicable.

      29,00 €
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    • 75,00 € Poes saadaval

      Want to recall a preset of your Favorite settings on your Brigadier, Deco, DIG, El Capistan, Flint, Lex, or Riverside? Or remotely tap tempos for your BigSky, Deco, DIG, Flint, Mobius, or TimeLine? Or engage the Boost or Favorite on your Riverside? Add our tiny MiniSwitch and connect to your Strymon pedal with the included 1/4″ TRS cable.

      75,00 €
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    • 55,00 € Poes saadaval

      The MXR Tap Tempo switch features adjustable tip/ring configuration so you can control the delay time of a wide variety of delay pedal types. This pint-sized footswitch is ruggedly built for a lifetime on the road.

      55,00 €
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    • 64,00 € Poes saadaval

      Single-Button foot-switch for Supro Amplifiers equipped with Tremolo

      64,00 €
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    • 74,00 € Poes saadaval

      Dual-Button foot-switch for Supro Amplifiers equipped with Tremolo & Reverb.

      74,00 €
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    • 25,00 € Poes saadaval

      Marshall style "single" Footswitch with LED.

      25,00 €
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    • 32,00 € Poes saadaval

      Double footswitch box w/stereo plug.

      32,00 €
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    • 125,00 € Poes saadaval

      The Meris Preset Switch is the easiest way to save and access up to 4 different sounds on any one or more Meris pedal(s).

      125,00 €
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    • 275,00 € Enne 295,00 € Poes saadaval

      Swiss Things™ combines two true-bypass Flexi-Switch™ enabled effects loops, a Flexi-Switch™ AB-Y box with transformer isolation between outputs, a buffered tuner output, 20dB of clean boost with adjustable gain, an expression pedal output for volume control and a quiet, high headroom output buffer into a compact pedalboard-friendly signal routing junction...

      275,00 € Enne 295,00 €
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    • 89,00 € Poes saadaval

      The JHS Pedals Summing Amp gives you the ability to take two inputs and blend them into one output.  Simply plug into the two marked inputs and then plug in your single output and you’re ready to go. From two signals the Summing Amp creates one mono signal. This is perfect for putting effects in parallel so that they are not affected by one another. 

      89,00 €
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    • 45,00 € Poes saadaval

      The Source Audio Tap Tempo Switch is a simple footswitch that adds significant functionality to every One Series pedal in the Source Audio collection. It offers on-the-fly tap tempo control over modulation rates for the Vertigo, Lunar, Gemini, and Mercury  as well as delay times for the Nemesis. The Tap Tempo also makes it possible to externally scroll...

      45,00 €
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    • 122,00 € Poes saadaval

      The Switchblade Pro is a deluxe switching box featuring true mechanical bypass, soft switching, high quality and low noise buffers, volume controls for all input signals, high headroom and a multitude of possible configurations for all your signal routing needs. This compact pedal is a versatile and indispensable tool!

      122,00 €
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    • 149,00 € Poes saadaval

      MultiSwitch Plus can be configured in several different ways to extend floor control of compatible Strymon pedals. Depending on the selected mode and the pedals connected, you can recall presets, change banks, operate TimeLine’s looper, remotely tap tempos, and more.

      149,00 €
      Poes saadaval
    • 199,00 € Poes saadaval

      • ABY switcher (A or B or both)• Hum and noise-free switching• High-impedance LEHLE TRANSFORMER HZ with phase and ground switch• Two different operating modes• Stereo-routing option• Active pop suppression circuit

      199,00 €
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    • 35,00 €

      The BOSS AB-2 is a 2-way selector that makes changing inputs or outputs easy. One stomp is all it takes to instantly switch between two guitars or effects setups, change amplifiers or switch between an amp and tuner. Rock-solid BOSS construction ensures the AB-2 will stand the test of time. Heas korras! Kasutatud plokkide müük ainult meie füüsilises...

      35,00 €
    • 444,00 € Poes saadaval

      The PROFILER Remote is the quintessential foot controller for your PROFILER. The tight integration between the PROFILER and the Remote allows you to control, administer and program without any knowledge about MIDI, or having to delve through cryptic data sheets. The large, illuminated display is designed to be viewed from a distance, and the Remote's...

      444,00 €
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    • 19,90 € Poes saadaval

      HoTone FS-1 Ampero Switch, kompaktne lisa jalalüliti, momentaarne lüliti mis sobib ka teiste seadmetega. TRS kaabel komplektis.

      19,90 €
      Poes saadaval
    • 122,00 € Tarneaeg 3-4 nädalat

      Footswitch for Timeline, BigSky and Mobius, Loop Control mode (Timeline only), Bank mode, Preset mode, Tap mode, no additional power supply required, incl. stereo jack cable

      122,00 €
      Tarneaeg 3-4 nädalat
    • 54,00 € Tarneaeg 3-4 nädalat

      Switchblade+ pakub mugavat lahendust pillimängijate ümberlülitusvajaduste jaoks. Suuna oma signaal väljund A või B-sse, või saada see mõlemasse korraga. Ühenda häälestus- või efektipedaal pühendatud Tuner väljundisse. Täiesti passiivne helirada ja aktiivne LED indikaator.

      54,00 €
      Tarneaeg 3-4 nädalat
    • 84,00 € Tarneaeg 3-4 nädalat

      The optional foot controller lets you save and recall up to 100 presets with the 8 Step Program main unit.

      84,00 €
      Tarneaeg 3-4 nädalat
    • 69,00 € Tarneaeg 3-4 nädalat

      Controls bank up/down selection on the 22500 Dual Stereo Looper. Can increment or decrement one or ten banks at a time, Uses a standard inch mono instrument cable as the connection

      69,00 €
      Tarneaeg 3-4 nädalat
    • 239,00 € Tarneaeg 3-4 nädalat

      Works as a master clock for sequencers and drum machines. Generates pulses to trigger devices like electronic percussion products. Connect up to four devices to the four separate clock channels driven from the same master clock. Creating polyrhythms is fun and easy. Master clock can be generated internally by the Clockworks or come from an outside source,...

      239,00 €
      Tarneaeg 3-4 nädalat
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