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    • 139,00 € Poes saadaval

      Mod 11 pakub 11 erinevat modulatsiooniefekti mis varieeruvad klassikalisest kuni eksootilisteni lisaks kõrgema funktsionaalsusega kõik ühes kompaktses efektipedaalis. Intuitiivne Secondary Knob Mode annab ligipääsu ''peidetud'' parameetritele, et oma efekte veelgi põnevamaks muuta.

      139,00 €
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    • 319,00 € Poes saadaval

      Võimas dBucket algoritm pakub analoog chorus ja vibrato soojust ning helilist keerukust. Lisaks true byass, lemmikseade ja ülikvaliteetsed analoog esi- ja väljundsektsioonid. 3 modulatsiooni tüüpi - chorus, multi-mode chorus, vibrato.

      319,00 €
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    • 49,00 € Poes saadaval

      Analog Chorus pedal, The heritage of classic Electro-Harmonix Small Clone chorus comes full circle in an economy version. Chorusing is an effect that bends the frequency of the input signal and blends it with the original sound, creating a shimmering doubling effect. True bypass.

      49,00 €
      Poes saadaval
    • 109,00 € Poes saadaval

      All-analog multi-effects processor featuring Phaser, Tremolo, Vibrato, and a Neo-modulated Wah. At the heart of The Worm is a specially designed tone-bending engine that creates groundbreaking oscillatory effects. PSU included.

      109,00 €
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    • 99,00 € Poes saadaval

      Analoog chorus pedaal mis kogus tuntust suuresti tänu Kurt Cobain-ile. Üks parimaid analoog chorus helisid: selge, rikkalik ja ruumiline. Intensiivsust saab muuta Depth kontrollnupuga. Lihtsad muudatused genereerivad põnevaid dubleerimisefekte. Säravad 12-keelse kitarri kõlad või Leslie-sugused trillerdused.

      99,00 €
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    • 115,00 € Poes saadaval

      Chorus pedal, analog chorus effects pedal with true bypass, rate control, powered via 9V battery or via optional power supply

      115,00 €
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    • 199,00 € Enne 239,00 € Poes saadaval

      Chorus pedal with ultimate control over parameters rarely seen in a chorus. A hybrid of digital and analog circuitry with a slightly extended delay time allows it to really stand out and shimmer. The heart of the Sea Machine is a short digital delay line, which features controls for Animation, Dimension and Depth.

      199,00 € Enne 239,00 €
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    • 239,00 € Poes saadaval

      Chorus pedal with ultimate control over parameters rarely seen in a chorus. A hybrid of digital and analog circuitry with a slightly extended delay time allows it to really stand out and shimmer. The heart of the Sea Machine is a short digital delay line, which features controls for Animation, Dimension and Depth.

      239,00 €
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    • 275,00 € Poes saadaval

      The VCR pedal is a first in a new collaboration between PaxAM, Ryan Adams, and JHS Pedals.  The VCR pedal is Ryan's signature Volume/Chorus/Reverb pedal inspired by the tones of The Cure, The Smiths and a hefty dose of 1980’s angst. Dial in the perfect movement, ambience and volume/boost level to create an instant three effect analog preset. All three...

      275,00 €
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    • 289,00 € Poes saadaval

      The DEEP OGGIN was designed as a collaboration with DAN COGGINS (Former LOVETONE Pedal designer) as his first modulation pedal design since his Lovetone pedal days. This fully Analog Chorus/Vibrato was designed from the ground up to provide the most incredible 3 dimensional chorus sounds with a level of versatility to meet the needs of all guitarists....

      289,00 €
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    • 44,00 € Poes saadaval

      JUNE-60 CHORUS is a faithful recreation of the lush chorus circuit found in the legendary Juno-60* synthesizer – the iconic synth sound that fueled countless ‘80s hits and defined the cult movie themes of an entire era. Now you can bring the adored chorus sound from one of the most revered, classic synthesizers back to the future. 

      44,00 €
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    • 265,00 € Poes saadaval

      Julianna on Walrus Audio tuntud Julia pedaali jätk mis võimaldab teha kõike mida Julia lubas, kuid tutvustab palju uusi võimalusi. Täisanaloog digitaalne LFO, stereo chorus/vibrato mis oskab tekitada kõike õrnast chorusest kuni merehaige vibratoni.

      265,00 €
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    • 119,00 € Poes saadaval

      Chorus / Vibrato efektipedaal JHS Pedals 3 Series seeriast Intuitiivsed kontrollnupud pakuvad laia tonaalset valikut Heliulatus kergest duubeldusefektist kuni ekstreemselt ''märgade'' modulatsioonideni Vibe lüliti eemaldab kuiva signaali signaalijadast True bypass Kontrollnupud Volume, Rate, Depth Vibe lüliti Ei tööta patareiga

      119,00 €
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    • 74,00 € Tarneaeg 3-4 nädalat

      Lush, analog chorus designed to recreate our legendary Small Clone in a pedal-board friendly package. Using a high quality bucket brigade chip and the same classic Small Clone circuit, this true analog design has been massaged and tweaked for accuracy and superior sonic qualities.

      74,00 €
      Tarneaeg 3-4 nädalat
    • 125,00 € Tarneaeg 3-4 nädalat

      This recreation of the original 1970's Clone Theory is re-known for its very edgy chorus. Stereo outputs provide lush chorus and vibrato with a sparkling wash and liquid elegance.

      125,00 €
      Tarneaeg 3-4 nädalat
    • 225,00 € Tarneaeg 1-3 nädalat

      Stereo Chorus, very clean, background noise free, stereo chorus with integrated EQ, bass filter, includes AC adapter.

      225,00 €
      Tarneaeg 1-3 nädalat
    • 129,00 € Tarneaeg 1-3 nädalat

      Chorus pedal, All-analog bucket-brigade circuitry. Create classically lush, liquid textures. Ultimate tone control.

      129,00 €
      Tarneaeg 1-3 nädalat
    • 95,00 € Tarneaeg 1-2 kuud

      TonePrint enabled chorus pedal, 3 chorus types - Speed, Depth, Color and Level controls - sculpt your chorus sounds from subtle to extreme, Stereo in & out - for added flexibility to your set-up, True Bypass, Analog-Dry-Through.

      95,00 €
      Lisa ostukorvi Info
      Tarneaeg 1-2 kuud
    • 79,00 € Tarneaeg 1-2 kuud

      TonePrint-enabled - load Corona Mini Chorus with your favorite artist's chorus tones, Beam enabled, Room for choice - choose between our legendary SCF chorus and an ultra- lush trichorus, Ultra-small footprint - so wear tiny shoes! True-To-Tone: True bypass and analog-dry-through.

      79,00 €
      Lisa ostukorvi Info
      Tarneaeg 1-2 kuud
    • 189,00 € Tarneaeg 1-2 nädalat

      The EBC has a very musical modulation with even stronger chorus settings and tones that lean toward vibrato that sets it apart from most other chorus pedals. With the Depth and Blend knobs one can also adjust in a very mild, barely audible chorus that adds some dimension and depth to your tone, very quiet and transparent with very little filtering.

      189,00 €
      Tarneaeg 1-2 nädalat
    • 409,00 € Tarneaeg 3-6 nädalat

      Originally conceived to simulate the effect of a warped vinyl record, but that only scratches the surface of what Warped Vinyl HiFi can do. This “true pitch” analog vibrato/chorus pedal features an all-analog signal path that can be dialed in to create limitless palette of vibrato and chorus. Warped Vinyl HiFi has several changes from previous versions,...

      409,00 €
      Tarneaeg 3-6 nädalat
    • 229,00 € Tarneaeg 2-3 nädalat

      Seafoam Chorus gives you three different chorus effects with their own separate special features designed for bass. Controls for space, rate, depth and mix. Toggle switch for switching between "Dual Chorus", "Seaform" or "ADT" mode

      229,00 €
      Tarneaeg 2-3 nädalat
    • 215,00 € Tarneaeg 2-3 nädalat

      30ms Automatic Double Tracker gives you several classic doubling effects regularly created in the studio, which make your sound thicker and fuller. Thanks to its TRS output the pedal also works in stereo. You can use this pedal with any sound source. 30MS also has a built-in reverb which was inspired the echo chamber in Abbey Road Studio 2, the sound...

      215,00 €
      Tarneaeg 2-3 nädalat
    • 305,00 € Tarneaeg 2-4 nädalat

      Those magically lush, elusive chorus tones are finally within reach... without a rack of expensive gear. Inspire captures eight stunning chorus effects - ranging from subtle to incredibly lush - all built around variations of the tri-chorus algorithm, and are selectable via the Effect Selector.

      305,00 €
      Tarneaeg 2-4 nädalat
    Kuvatud 1 - 24 kokku 33 tootest