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      • 169,00 € Tarneaeg 2-4 nädalat

        Decimator II noise reduction pedal, polished chrome chassis. Dimensions: 5″ x 2.7″ x 2.3″

        169,00 €
        Tarneaeg 2-4 nädalat
      • 299,00 € Tarneaeg 2-4 nädalat

        The Decimator II G String has 4 ¼ inch jacks. Connect the guitar directly to the Guitar IN. Connect the Guitar OUT to the input of the amplifier. Connect the DEC IN to the loop send and DEC OUT to the loop return.

        299,00 €
        Tarneaeg 2-4 nädalat
      • 69,00 € Tarneaeg 3-4 nädalat

        Sophisticated noise gate that can tame a single pedal or an entire effects loop, Three controls for precise fine-tuning. Delivers up to -70dB of noise reduction. Features 8ms to 4 seconds of release time. Buffered bypass. Compact design, rugged chassis. Equipped with a 9V battery

        69,00 €
        Tarneaeg 3-4 nädalat
      • 155,00 € Tarneaeg 3-4 nädalat

        Hum Eliminator, True bypass, Absolutely eliminates hum from any audio source. Tough and compact die-cast chassis, power supply included

        155,00 €
        Tarneaeg 3-4 nädalat
      • 109,00 € Tarneaeg 1-3 nädalat

        Effect Loop/Noise gate pedal. Eliminates hiss and excess noise from effects chain. One trigger knob sets the volume threshold. Noise reduction up to 26 dB. Maintains riff definition at extreme gain levels. Made in USA.

        109,00 €
        Tarneaeg 1-3 nädalat
      • 35,00 € Tarneaeg 1-2 nädalat

        The Lehle DC Filter eliminates DC voltage from analog signals. Audio signals containing DC voltage cause ugly switching noise. Now, both line and high-impedance signals are cleaned - but with no loss of sound. The DC Filter is of full stereo type, and thus filters stereo - and, of course, mono - signals. This little aid can even process balanced signals....

        35,00 €
        Tarneaeg 1-2 nädalat
      • 144,00 € Tarneaeg 2-4 nädalat

        Noise is the enemy. It murders your tone and muddles your playing. That's why you need the ISP Technologies DECI-MATE. It's an effective way to clean up your guitar rig, and thanks to its small footprint, it won't gobble up pedalboard real estate. The DECI-MATE offers superior performance when compared to traditional noise gates, by virtue of DECIMATOR X...

        144,00 €
        Tarneaeg 2-4 nädalat
      • 59,00 € Tarneaeg 1-3 nädalat

        Hard Mode: väga tugev müra summutus Soft Mode: paindlikum müra summutus Kompaktne ja metallist konstruktsiooniga True bypass Sobib DC 9V voolualaldiga kasutamiseks

        59,00 €
        Tarneaeg 1-3 nädalat
      Kuvatud 1 - 8 kokku 8 tootest