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    Booster ja buffer / pre-amp pedaalid elektrikitarridele

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    • 205,00 € Poes saadaval

      The BB Preamp offers a wide variety of sounds. It's capable of a 30dB+ clean boost with an adjustable ±15dB two band active EQ which adds a wide range of harmonic content to your ideal sound.

      205,00 €
      Poes saadaval
    • 212,00 € Poes saadaval

      An exact recreation of the clean boost side of a Klon.  Add the sought after Klon midrange to your tonal range!

      212,00 €
      Poes saadaval
    • 252,00 € Poes Saadaval

      Puhas, läbipaistev germaanium boost pedaal, mis kasutab germaanium transistorit ILMA veidrate lisadeta mis varem käisid asjaga kaasas tänu temperatuuri muutustele ja muudele välistele teguritele.

      252,00 €
      Poes Saadaval
    • 259,00 € Poes Saadaval

      The 33 is a sonic detonator tool that will transform any amplifier into a metal wrecking ball machine. Boost level control provides up to +22dB of level with added side remote 1/4” jack for channel switching with mini slide switch to change orientation normally open or closed. Industry standard true bypass switching.

      259,00 €
      Poes Saadaval
    • 289,00 € Poes Saadaval

      BLADE is a custom-designed boost to allow any metal player to sculpt and find their perfect tone. A custom EQ curve clean boost, the BLADE features added control with treble (CUT) and bass (DEEP) frequencies , whilst overall boost is controlled by (SAW).

      289,00 €
      Poes Saadaval
    • 239,00 € Poes Saadaval

      Up to +20 dB of boost Additional side remote 6.3 mm jack for channel switching Controls: Boost Switch: Channel Switch Latch/Momentary LED: Effect On Footswitch: Effect Bypass Dimensions (W x D x H): 39 x 92 x 31 mm Weight: 250g Made in Canada

      239,00 €
      Poes Saadaval
    • 222,00 € Poes saadaval

      Active boost, treble, gain and volume controls.Super Transparent 20dB+ Clean Boost Adjustable +-15dB Two Band Active EQ Run it at 18v for even more headroom!

      222,00 €
      Poes saadaval
    • 49,00 € Tarneaeg 3-4 nädalat

      Täpne replikatsioon originaalsest LPB-1 skeemist mis juhatas sisse overdrive tüüpi efektide ajastu 1968 aastal. Kõrvuta LPB-1 koos ükskõik mis efektiga, et anda võimendust ja definitsiooni signaalile. Paranda oma võimendi võimendust ja küllastust.

      49,00 €
      Tarneaeg 3-4 nädalat
    • 215,00 € Tarneaeg 2-4 nädalat

      Treble Booster, soundwise in the tradition of the Dallas Rangemaster which was used by guitarists like Tony Iommi, Brian May, Marc Bolan, and KK Downing & Glen Tipton, controls: Range, Boost, Heat This newest version of the Naga Viper (early 2024) features an attenuator (ATTN) knob which acts like a level control for everything in front of the Naga...

      215,00 €
      Tarneaeg 2-4 nädalat
    • 119,00 € Tarneaeg 1-3 nädalat

      Pedal preamp/booster, adjustable boost, can adjust the different output of two guitars, helps against losing signal with long cables, control for gain, hardwire bypass, solid metal enclosure

      119,00 €
      Tarneaeg 1-3 nädalat
    • 149,00 € Tarneaeg 2-4 nädalat

      Preamp booster, designed to add additional channel of gain to all your dirt pedals as well as brightening up neck pickups. It boosts midrange, tightens up the low end and makes the top end shine, single control knob. All analog, true bypass.

      149,00 €
      Tarneaeg 2-4 nädalat
    • 199,00 € Tarneaeg 2-4 nädalat

      Complete tone enhancement tool designed around a stereo preamp to cover as much frequency range as possible. The treble, bass and middle controls will cut or boost up to 20db. In addition to that, the level control will boost the signal (post EQ) up to 5 times the input depending on where the dial is set.

      199,00 €
      Tarneaeg 2-4 nädalat
    • 149,00 € Tarneaeg 1-2 nädalat

      2B is a tiny, transparent, and amazing boost pedal, born from the Boost channel in FD3 pedal. Small enclosure 4.5" x 2.1" x 2.3" with battery tucked tightly inside, space-saving rear-mounted IN, OUT, and DC power jacks.

      149,00 €
      Tarneaeg 1-2 nädalat
    • 172,00 € Tarneaeg 1-2 nädalat

      Preamp/booster/compressor/upper harmonic enhancer. This musical tonal combination is totally adjustable with your picking attack and guitar volume pot. The amount of boost depends on the input signal level and HOT/COOL switch position. Maximum is about +10dB on lower level notes and average is about +6dB.

      172,00 €
      Tarneaeg 1-2 nädalat
    • 219,00 € Tarneaeg 1-2 nädalat

      Four Unique Preamp/Gain Voicings, Body & Air Fine-Tuning Circuits, True Bypass via High Reliability Gold-Contact Relay, Plexi Top Panel, Hand built in the U.S.A.

      219,00 €
      Tarneaeg 1-2 nädalat
    • 161,00 € Tarneaeg 1-2 nädalat

      Custom Shop Clean Boost Pedal, 12dB boost, active 2-band EQ section (parametric), highly transparent bypass, internal voltage-doubler from 9V to 18V, controls: oil (boost), treble, treble-freq, bass, bass-freq, powered via 9V battery or optional power supply (not included), power consumption: 28mA

      161,00 €
      Tarneaeg 1-2 nädalat
    • 205,00 € Tarneaeg 2-4 nädalat

      Whether you’re using the Karma Suture as your standalone dirt box into your amp or you’re using it to boost, overdrive, and enhance your existing dirt pedals, you’ll be greeted with harmonic distortion laden with even-order harmonics – sweet and musical, even with complex chord voicings.

      205,00 €
      Tarneaeg 2-4 nädalat
    • 199,00 € Delivery time 1-2 weeks

      The Lehle Sunday Driver SW is a compact-format high-end preamp for all types of electrical and acoustic instruments - a preamp that enables electric guitars and basses, acoustic guitars, and also other stringed instruments (such as violins, cellos and double basses) to realize all of their musical potential. The switchable version expands the classical...

      199,00 €
      Delivery time 1-2 weeks
    • 135,00 € Tarneaeg 2-3 nädalat

      Micro-sized volume booster with a maximum 35 db boost. There are dip switches inside the pedal which allow you to tailor the sound to your liking. Need drive, just flip the micro Hi-Gain Switch inside and you’ve got overdriven tone!  Flip the Hi-Cut Switch on the inside and you have a warmer tone to soften any Strat or Tele.  Flip both switches and you...

      135,00 €
      Tarneaeg 2-3 nädalat
    • 139,00 € Tarneaeg 1-3 nädalat

      Get the sonic secret sauce of the Echoplex Preamp with the legendary boosting power of the MXR Micro Amp in a lightweight, space-saving mini housing.

      139,00 €
      Tarneaeg 1-3 nädalat
    • 171,00 € Tarneaeg 1-3 nädalat

      The Micro Amp+ upgrades a classic boost circuit with EQ controls, low-noise op-amps, and true bypass switching to take this powerful boost box to the next level.

      171,00 €
      Tarneaeg 1-3 nädalat
    • 69,00 € Tarneaeg 1-3 nädalat

      The BJF Buffer is the perfect tool for any guitarist/bassist with a demanding pedalboard.  The BJF Buffer will ensure that your tone is carried throughout your entire setup without losing the important characteristics of your tone.  In additional the Minimal Series BJF Buffer now has a phase inversion switch.  The phase switch is used to restore the phase...

      69,00 €
      Tarneaeg 1-3 nädalat
    • 155,00 € Tarneaeg 2-4 nädalat

      Lihtne ja puhast boost mis on inspireeritud maagilisest EP-3 pedaalist ja püüab maailma tuntumate kitarristide toone.

      155,00 €
      Tarneaeg 2-4 nädalat
    • 99,00 € Tarneaeg 2-4 nädalat

      By adding "Little Black Buffer" to your signal path, you’ll restore all the high-end detail, output level, and tonal character that involved pedal chains and long cable runs steal away. And because the Little Black Buffer is an on-all-the-time sort of thing, you can save precious real estate by mounting it on the underside of your pedalboard. 

      99,00 €
      Tarneaeg 2-4 nädalat
    Kuvatud 1 - 24 kokku 44 tootest