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    • 95,00 € Poes saadaval

      Tone Corset on nelja nupuga analoogkompressor mis pigistab kitarritooni ainult õigetel viisidel. Mike Matthews on öelnud, et ''Tone Corset on kõige funkilikum analoogkompressor mida eales kitarril kuulnud!''

      95,00 €
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    • 159,00 € Poes saadaval

      New version of one of the most popular compressor pedals in the world. Is at home on a stage as well as in the studio. Five controls give you a large variety of compression options. Release Switch that is tuned for single coils or humbuckers. Tone Control that emphasizes the most sensitive harmonics that can be lost in compression. Blend Control that...

      159,00 €
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    • 165,00 € Poes saadaval

      The new Xotic SP Compressor offers the same OTA (operational transconductance amplifier) technology used in what many guitar players consider the best compressor ever, the Ross Compressor. SP Compressor has superb tone quality featuring a wide variety of compressor tones from vintage,to subtle, to modern and more. It's super flexible and features a dry...

      165,00 €
      Poes saadaval
    • 199,20 € Enne 249,00 € -20% Poes saadaval

      OB.1 ühendab stuudiokvaliteedi, kaunilt läbipaistva analoogse optilise kompressiooni ja EQ-kõveratega Clean Boost, mis on loodud oma lemmikvõimendi ülelaadimiseks ja selle tegeliku iseloomu paljastamiseks. Kõigil analoog signaaliteedel, millel on kogu ulatuses kõrgkvaliteetsed komponendid, suure takistusega sisend ja väga madala müratasemega vooluahel,...

      199,20 € Enne 249,00 € -20%
      Poes saadaval
    • 85,00 € Poes saadaval

      Üks populaarsemaid kompressoreid mis ehitatud nii kitarri kui bassi jaoks. Soul Preacher pakub kolme erinevat kompressiooni stiili mida saab muuta Attack lülitiga, koos siidise ja pika sustainiga.

      85,00 €
      Poes saadaval
    • 109,00 € Poes saadaval

      One of the most popular compressors of all time. This box will produce that percussive, clicky sound on a clean guitar that youve heard on so many pop hits. It also adds smooth sustain

      109,00 €
      Poes saadaval
    • 99,00 € Enne 115,00 € Poes saadaval

      Compressor Pedal, Balance out your attack level, attenuated output and compression sensitivity at the touch of a footswitch

      99,00 € Enne 115,00 €
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    • 235,00 € Poes saadaval

      Classic studio compressor in a Phase 90-sized pedal, CHT Constant Headroom Technology for clear, clean performance, True bypass

      235,00 €
      Poes saadaval
    • 123,00 € Poes saadaval

      The Dyna Comp Mini Compressor combines classic tone and modern convenience in a housing that's nearly half the size of the original, featuring an all-new Attack switch to toggle between slow and fast attack times. Thanks to its rare CA3080 metal can integrated circuit (IC), this pedal yields quieter operation, greater transparency, and increased dynamic...

      123,00 €
      Poes saadaval
    • 99,00 €

      The Providence VLC-1 Velvet Comp provides smooth, lustrous compression. An attack time control makes it possible to match the compression to a range of playing styles from arpeggios through long sustain to crisp chording. The Velvet Comp's wide sustain range gives it extended sonic versatility, delivering outstanding performance whether used as a limiter,...

      99,00 €
    • 222,00 € Poes saadaval

      Compression and Overdrive are the foundation of my engineering. These two Keeley tones have inspired countless musicians, now they sit in one extremely versatile, sonic tool. The Aria Compressor Drive not only offers out most flexible overdrive to date, it has all the tone and blend features of the Compressor Plus. Players also have the ability to swap...

      222,00 €
      Poes saadaval
    • 189,00 € Poes saadaval

      This pedal delivers the iconic Dyna Comp Compressor sound in bass-friendly form thanks to a Clean control for maintaining low end integrity and a Tone control to adjust your upper midrange to retain playing dynamics.

      189,00 €
      Poes saadaval
    • 335,00 € Poes saadaval

      Premium analoog VCA kompressorite vooluringid. Kaks tämbri valikut: pehme helikompressioon ja karmim pedaali tüüpi kompressioon. Eraldi juhitavad puhas ja räpane boost-i vooluskeem koos 3 ekvalaiseri valikuga. Räpane boost pakub ka overdrive-i võimalust kui boost on sisse lülitatud. DRY nupp lubab segada signaali kompresseeritud signaaliga, et sälitada...

      335,00 €
      Poes saadaval
    • 79,00 € Tarneaeg 3-4 nädalat

      Analogizer thaws out digitally processed guitar, and gives you that analog sound and feel. Boost your solos with up to 26dB of gain. Fatten your sound. The Analogizer is perfect for warming up the harshness of your digitally processed guitar or for thickening up your already warm sound.

      79,00 €
      Tarneaeg 3-4 nädalat
    • 89,00 € Tarneaeg 3-4 nädalat

      Kompaktne kompressorpedaal mis loodud eelkõige basskitarri jaoks. Sisendi tundlikkus on vahemikus -10dBu kuni +2dBu mis teeb ta ideaalseks nii aktiivsete kui passiivsete helipeadega basside jaoks. Gain reduction maksimaalne tase on 21dB, ning pardal on piisavalt make-up gain-i, et taastada signaali algupärane helitugevus koos maksimaalse sustain-iga....

      89,00 €
      Tarneaeg 3-4 nädalat
    • 229,00 € Tarneaeg 2-4 nädalat

      Optical compressor with a feature set usually reserved for studio grade units. High grade components and internally powered by 18v, The Warden has loads of gain and sustain on tap. With complete control over attack, release, sustain and ratio, The Warden will allow everything from a heavy squash with fast attack and release to barely there subtle...

      229,00 €
      Tarneaeg 2-4 nädalat
    • 199,00 € Tarneaeg 1-2 nädalat

      Guitar or bass compressor and sustainer, extremely low noise throughout the range and a high overload margin, which allows also a wide dynamic input range at minimum distortion and noise. Equipped with a special tone control to fine-tune the compressed sound for most transparent tone and effect.

      199,00 €
      Tarneaeg 1-2 nädalat
    • 214,00 € Tarneaeg 2-4 nädalat

      Featuring all analogue, JFET feedback compression, The Accountant works well with all signal sources like guitars, bass, vocals, synths, even whole mixes. A simple control interface allows you to change the threshold, compression ratio and makeup gain.

      214,00 €
      Tarneaeg 2-4 nädalat
    • 359,00 € Tarneaeg 1-5 tööpäeva

      Custom shop preamp pedal, controls: volume, frequency, Q, mid, gain, bottom & top, features: with fully parametric mid controls, regular and CabSim output, clean boost function & highly transparent buffered bypass. Made in UK

      359,00 €
      Tarneaeg 1-5 tööpäeva
    • 329,00 € Tarneaeg 1-3 nädalat

      The Cali76 Compact Deluxe is an 1176-style studio-grade FET compressor Featuring high-current, low-noise, discrete Class-A circuitry and a dedicated parallel compression control… all contained in one compact, stompbox-sized package!

      329,00 €
      Tarneaeg 1-3 nädalat
    • 174,00 € Tarneaeg 3-4 nädalat

      Studio quality compressor/limiter, precisely tune dynamics regardless of the instrument or situation. Volume, Attack, Release and Sustain, plus push buttons for Hard or Soft Knee and the Limiter. Foot-switchable overdrive section with controls for Volume, Tone and Drive. Adjustable Swell function creates bowed, fade in and reverse effects. True stereo...

      174,00 €
      Tarneaeg 3-4 nädalat
    • 359,00 € Tarneaeg 2-3 nädalat

      The stomp-box sized compressor/limiter is made in USA and engineered to be an indispensable tool for your musical endeavors.  It is in no way limited to be used with only guitar.  It has been designed to work as a studio compressor accepting any range of inputs and a frequency response and noise level matching the finest compressors made.

      359,00 €
      Tarneaeg 2-3 nädalat
    • 239,00 € Tarneaeg 1-2 kuud

      The Fat General is ThorpyFX's first compressor! It can be used as a straight-up compressor (Juicy Mode) or switched to parallel (Blend mode) - this essentially means that the compressed signal is blended 50/50 with your dry signal, so you retain plenty of dynamic range while taming your guitar's attack and adding plenty of punchy goodness! This is...

      239,00 €
      Tarneaeg 1-2 kuud
    • 129,00 € Tarneaeg 3-4 nädalat

      The CP101 is the perfect solution for players who need a compressor that doesn’t get in the way of their tone.  Its optical circuit has a slow, smooth reaction time that allows your initial note attack to pass through without being compressed, creating a more natural picking feel.

      129,00 €
      Tarneaeg 3-4 nädalat
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