Uued ja kasutatud elektrikitarrid. Kõik Drop-D Sounds kaupluses müüdavad kitarrid on enne müüki jõudmist inspekteeritud. 

    Kui otsid mõnda pilli mida meie kodulehelt ei leia, siis küsi julgesti ja me anname teada kas ja kui kiiresti me tellida saaks.

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    Kuvatud 1 - 24 kokku 110 tootest
    • 699,00 € Poes saadaval

      Danelectro kõige parem Vintage 12-keelne elektrikitarr koos spetsiaalsete Danelectro lipstick tüüpi helipeadega. Neil on piisavalt jõudlust ja sära mis lõikab läbi ka kõige tihedamast muusikast.

      699,00 €
      Poes saadaval
    • 1 149,00 € Poes saadaval

      Tuginedes Reverend-i äärmiselt edukale Sensei platvormile, RA versioon krutib kuumuse üles kõigi rokk- ja metalmuusika mängijatele. Revolutsioonilised Railhammer Chisel helipead, eebenipuust sõrmlaud ja kõrgläikega viimistlus. Tulemuseks on kiirem tunnetus ning konkreetsem ja agressiivsem kõla. Sensei RA põimib endas klassikalist stiili modernsete...

      1 149,00 €
      Poes saadaval
    • 764,10 € Enne 849,00 € -10% Poes saadaval

      Breezysound, valmistatud Jaapanis, 25.5" skaala, saarepuust kere, lakitud vahtrapuust kael ja sõrmlaud, 21 Jumbo krihvi ja kroom viimistlusega raudvara.

      764,10 € Enne 849,00 € -10%
      Poes saadaval
    • 759,00 € Poes Saadaval

      Danelectro launched this in 1959, naming it the “Deluxe”. A huge understatement! This hot reissue features our Vintage 50’s Lipstick Pickups, adjustable bridge, front and back binding, pointer knobs, and Gotoh vintage 15:1 tuners.

      759,00 €
      Poes Saadaval
    • 1 519,00 € Poes Saadaval

      With premium features catering to highly-technical playing, multi-dimensional tone and ergonomic design, the brand-new Jackson® Pro Series Dinky™ DK Modern EverTune® 6 provides the ultimate high-performance experience for today’s modern players.

      1 519,00 €
      Poes Saadaval
    • 1 499,00 € Poes Saadaval

      LTD Deluxe guitars are designed to offer the tone, feel, looks, and quality that working professional musicians require in an instrument, while remaining affordable enough for serious players. The LTD MH-1000 EverTune Snow White is ready to rock, with set-thru construction of a mahogany body with maple cap, and multi-binding on the body, neck, and...

      1 499,00 €
      Poes Saadaval
    • 1 099,00 € Poes Saadaval

      For players who appreciate the mojo of the past matched to modern features, we created the Vintera® ‘50s Telecaster® Modified. Blending classic looks with a modern neck profile and fingerboard radius, hotter pickups and updated electronics—this guitar packs a surprising amount of power under the hood.

      1 099,00 €
      Poes Saadaval
    • 699,00 € Poes Saadaval

      The Player Lead III, a tribute to the original 1982-only model, features a set of hot alnico Player humbucking pickups, dual-toggle switches for pickup selection and coil-splits, and a modern "C" neck shape with medium jumbo frets. Available in Purple Metallic, as well as classic Olympic white and Sienna Sunburst versions.

      699,00 €
      Poes Saadaval
    • 419,00 € Poes Saadaval

      The Paranormal Offset Telecaster® is the quintessential mashup of Fender features, combining the components of the iconic Tele® with the comfort and style of the Jazzmaster® offset body shape. With its dual Fender-Designed alnico single-coil pickups and string-through-body bridge design, this guitar’s versatile voice will sing with sustain. Other callouts...

      419,00 €
      Poes Saadaval
    • 1 945,00 € Poes Saadaval

      Fender American Pro II Stratocaster pakub äratundmisrõõmu ja helilist mitmekülgsust, mis on koheselt tuntav. Lisaks on pillile lisatud terve hulk uusi funktsioone ja edasiarendusi, mis annavad kokku täiesti uue standardi professionaalsete instrumentide seas.

      1 945,00 €
      Poes Saadaval
    • 1 444,00 € Poes Saadaval

      Born in Corona, California, the 24”-scale American Performer Mustang delivers the exceptional tone and feel you expect from an authentic Fender, along with a unique feel and new player-oriented features that make it even more inspiring to play.

      1 444,00 €
      Poes Saadaval
    • 1 109,00 € Poes Saadaval

      The evolution of Fender’s trailblazing Acoustasonic platform continues with the introduction of the Acoustasonic Player Telecaster. This acoustic-electric guitar offers its own set of six voices that showcases its unique personality. A streamlined 3-way switch allows for shape-shifting between acoustic and electric tones. With the Acoustasonic Player...

      1 109,00 €
      Poes Saadaval
    • 743,07 € Enne 799,00 € -7% Poes Saadaval

      The G5420T Electromatic® Classic Hollow Body Single-Cut with Bigsby® features a laminated maple body with vintage-inspired perimeters and refined arches, as well as all-new trestle block bracing to help reduce unwanted feedback. By increasing rigidity and contact between the top and back of the body, the new trestle block design also results in the sound...

      743,07 € Enne 799,00 € -7%
      Poes Saadaval
    • 1 399,00 € Poes Saadaval

      The limited edition instrument built by Fender Japan follows the classic dimensions of the Mustang with a shortened 24" scale and traditional screw neck construction made of maple, which creates a solid basis for precise bends and secure chord playing in all registers thanks to the strong U-profile. For sound conversion at the amplifier, on the other...

      1 399,00 €
      Poes Saadaval
    • 935,75 € Enne 985,00 € -5% Poes saadaval

      The PRS SE Silver Sky on tuttava tunnetusega versioon originaalsest Silver Sky mudelist mida John Mayer tutvustas koos Paul Reed Smith'iga 2018 aastal. See tööhobusest kitarr pakub võimast tooni ja mängitavust neljas erinevas värvis! NB!! Pillil on tagumisel küljel täke! Pilt lisatud galeriisse.

      935,75 € Enne 985,00 € -5%
      Poes saadaval
    • 1 349,00 € Poes Saadaval

      The JV Modified Series combines classic aesthetics with modern playability to suit the needs of today’s guitarist. Taking cues from the now highly sought-after “Japanese Vintage” reissues from the early ‘80s, JV Modified guitars are a refined take on a modern classic. The '50s Stratocaster HSS has a resonant basswood body and features a pair of...

      1 349,00 €
      Poes Saadaval
    • 1 975,00 € Poes Saadaval

      The American Pro II Telecaster delivers instant familiarity and sonic versatility you’ll feel and hear right away, with broad ranging improvements that add up to nothing less than a new standard for professional instruments. Our popular Deep "C” neck now sports smooth rolled fingerboard edges, a “Super-Natural” satin finish and a newly sculpted neck heel...

      1 975,00 €
      Poes Saadaval
    • 799,00 € Poes Saadaval

      SE 245 katab kõikide toonide vajadused stiilselt ja on ideaalne kõigile, kes on kasvanud üles lühemate, single-cut tüüpi instrumentidega. 24.5" skaala, Wide Fat kaela kuju ja 245 "S" helipead koos topelt volüümi ja tooni potentsiomeetritega. Mugav ja klassikalise tunnetusega instrument mis sobib igale kitarristile.

      799,00 €
      Poes Saadaval
    • 659,00 € Poes Saadaval

      The vintage ones cost more than your first car! This painstaking reissue features our Vintage 50’s Lipstick® Pickups, adjustable bridge, and other cool vintage touches.

      659,00 €
      Poes Saadaval
    • 999,00 € Poes Saadaval

      Insanely great reproduction of the 1966 classic. Single coil neck pickup with Lipstick® Humbucking pickup pair in bridge. Coil tap switch. German carved top. Bound body with F hole. Awesome tone and feel.The finest guitar you have ever played. Period.

      999,00 €
      Poes Saadaval
    • 1 115,00 € Poes Saadaval

      The Pro SL2Q MAH's premium features include a mahogany body with quilt maple top and a through-body maple neck with scarf joint and hand-rubbed oil finish on the back for smooth playability and comfortability, as well as graphite-reinforcement rods that provide stability to guard against temperature- and humidity-induced bending and warping. Its 12”-16”...

      1 115,00 €
      Poes Saadaval
    • 1 935,00 € Poes Saadaval

      American Acoustasonic® Jazzmaster® - see on Fenderi akustiliste kitarride eesmärgipäraste uuenduste järgmine faas. Fenderi ja Fishman® poolt disainitud Acoustic Engine tagab eheda inspiratsiooni. Akustilisest toonikujundamisest elektriliste rütmihelideni - see äärmiselt mitmekülgne kitarr avab ukse lõputute helivõimaluste avastamiseks.

      1 935,00 €
      Poes Saadaval
    • 815,00 € Poes saadaval

      The inspiring sound of a Stratocaster is one of the foundations of Fender. Featuring this classic sound—bell-like high end, punchy mids and robust low end, combined with crystal-clear articulation—the Player Stratocaster is packed with authentic Fender feel and style. It’s ready to serve your musical vision, it’s versatile enough to handle any style of...

      815,00 €
      Poes saadaval
    • 1 357,03 € Enne 1 399,00 € -3% Poes saadaval

      The Reverend Billy Corgan Z-One, a third signature collaboration between Billy Corgan & Joe Naylor, is inspired by the heavier Smashing Pumpkins songs. An alder body creates a thick tone, while deep cutaways provide easy access to the higher frets.  Railhammer Z-One pickups have a fat midrange and a smooth top end, with custom artwork etched into the...

      1 357,03 € Enne 1 399,00 € -3%
      Poes saadaval
    Kuvatud 1 - 24 kokku 110 tootest