Truetone 1 Spot Pro CS-7



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Truetone 1 Spot Pro CS7 pedaalide voolualaldi pakub parimat mis 3 aastat arendatud ja katsetatatud toode saab pakkuda, et toota võimalikult müravaba ja puhast voolu mis sobib enamike efektipedaalidega. Valida saab 9V, 12V ja 18V väljundite vahel. CS7-t saab kasutada ükskõik kus ja sobib nii vanemate kui uuemat tüüpi efektipedaalide ühendustega.

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The Perfect Multi Power Supply

Taking three years to design, with lots of experimentation, Truetone have delivered an incredible multi power supply. Built with their own proprietary technology, the power brick features the same design as their 1 Spot power supply, only scaled up for more power output. The switching power supply technology leaves plenty of space for Truetone to add extra features to eliminate all noise and allow for total electrical isolation between each output.

Pure Isolation Outputs

With most digital pedals requiring an isolated power source, the 1 Spot Pro is designed with each output isolated from one another. This construction allows the power supply to deliver pure, clean, noise free operation for the pedal. An additional layer of pure analogue regulation takes advantage of the analogue circuits to provide a suppression of in-band audio noise, eliminating any hints of noise to create the ultimate clean power supply.

Built to Work Worldwide

Featuring Truetone’s switching power supply technology, the 1 Spot Pro can deliver clean, reliable power no matter where you are. Whether you’re using 100V, 120V, 240V, or any other variation, the CS7 will deliver a clean source, allowing you to take your pedals with you to anywhere in the world.

Incredibly Sturdy Design

Designed to be the ultimate guitar pedal power supple, the 1 Spot pro features a strong and sturdy steel case to protect the circuitry from potential damage, perfect for musicians on the road or play many gigs. The compact and sleek design allows for incorporation into most pedalboards, and the included mounting brackets allow the power brick to be attached to a pedaltrain pedalboard.


  • Provides 7 Fully Isolated Outputs for Clean, Clear Pedal Operation

  • 3 Voltage Options Provide Power for Most Effect Pedals

  • Variable 12 VDC, 18 VDC, and 9VDC to Accommodate a Range of Pedals

  • Includes Brackets for Mounting Under a Pedaltrain Pedalboard

  • Cables and Converter Plugs Included for the Ultimate Connectivity

  • Worldwide Input Voltage Allows for Worldwide Use



  • Output Voltages:Total Current Available: 1900mA (Max.)

    • 1 x 18VDC 100mA
    • 4 x 9V/12VDC 200mA
    • 2 x 9VDC 500mA
  • Input Voltage: 100V-240V

Included Cables

  • Power Cables:

    • 4 x DC18 (5.5x2.1mm barrel plugs; 18” (457mm) – White
    • 3 x DC12 (5.5x2.1mm barrel plugs; 12” (305mm) – Yellow
    • 1 x 3-Pin
  • Converter Cables:

    • 1 x CL6 (Reverse Polarity) - Green
    • 1 x CYR Reverse Polarity Converter (Reverse Polarity) - Red
    • 1 x C35 3.5mm (1/8”) Plug Converter (Tip Positive) - Black
    • 1 x CBAT Pedal Battery Clip (Battery Clip Output) - Black (Do NOT Connect to a Battery)


  • Width: 5.5” (140mm)

  • Depth: 3.37” (86mm)

  • Height: 2” (50mm)

  • Weight: 592g (1.31 lbs)