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Voodoo Lab Pedal Switcher PX-8 PLUS


Voodoo Lab

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Voodoo Lab PX-8 PLUS on True Bypass programmeeritav pedaalide ümberlülitussüsteem mis muudab iga pedalboard-i võimsaks ja lihtsasti kasutatavaks tööriistaks. Aitab efekte paremini organiseerida ja optimiseerib efektide ja MIDI seadmete tööd.

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479,00 €

Rohkem infot

  • Independent true bypass audio loops using the finest gold contact relay
  • Access to 36 user-created preset effect combinations
  • Stand Alone Instant Access Mode available for simple on/off pedal switching function
  • Insert point between loops 6 & 7 for volume pedals and more
  • Audiophile-quality output buffer preserves tone even with long cable run to amp
  • Quiet Switching™ technology for lowest possible noise
  • Conveniently power from any Pedal Power 9VDC output
  • Instantly recall 128 preset combinations of effects via MIDI
  • Compatible with Ground Control Pro or any MIDI controller
  • Legendary Voodoo Lab quality and reliability
  • Hand Made in the U.S.A.
  • 5 Year Warranty