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Afterneath kõlab oma välimusele kohaselt - nagu võlur kes ilmub esile müstilisest koopast ja valmis atmosfääriliseks lahinguks. Sina oled võlur- või nõid, kui soovid - ja koobas on su instrumendi signaal, lõputu, laienev ja maagiline. Kas astud sisse? Veereta D20 et jätkata!

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The Modes control changes the way the Drag control functions. The LED will change colors indicating which mode you are in.

1. Unquantized: Smooth, unquantized response over the operating range

2. Unquantized with Slew: Smooth, unquantized response over the entire operating range, but with a musical slew that is reminiscent of turning the varispeed knob on a vintage British tape delay. The “Drag” will lag behind the knob or cv changes, but then quickly catch up.

3. Unquantized Volt/Octave: Smooth and unquantized, yet scaled to align with the 1v/octave curve to allow melodic modulation of audio in the buffer, or control the frequency of self-oscillation like a voltage controlled oscillator.

4. Chromatic Scale: Quantized 1v/octave to the chromatic scale

5. Minor Scale: Quantized 1v/octave to the minor scale

6. Major Scale (Lydian): Quantized 1v/octave to the major scale (Lydian)

7. Pentatonic Scale: Quantized 1v/octave to the pentatonic scale

8. Octaves & Fifths: Quantized 1v/octave to omit all but octaves and fifths

9. Octaves: Quantized 1v/octave to omit all but octaves