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ThorpyFX Fat General V2



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The Fat General is ThorpyFX's first compressor! It can be used as a straight-up compressor (Juicy Mode) or switched to parallel (Blend mode) - this essentially means that the compressed signal is blended 50/50 with your dry signal, so you retain plenty of dynamic range while taming your guitar's attack and adding plenty of punchy goodness! This is sonically identical to the V1 version, the V2 version is smaller and can only be powered via 9V power supply. Size: (W)65mm x(L)125mm x(H)53mm (top of Knobs)

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Founder Adrian Thorpe MBE has also made sure that the parallel mode functions without any phase issues, meaning that it's great for using with bass! It'll ensure your low-end stays pronounced while adding tightness and clarity to your tone! 

The Fat General also has a treble control that can be used to either boost or cut the high-end frequencies of your signal; crank it high for a hot, biting quality, or roll it off to smoothen the tone but retain plenty of resonance! 


  • Two modes: Juicy and Blend
  • Three simple controls
  • Treble control for boosting/cutting high frequencies
  • Rugged metal enclosure
  • ThorpyFX signature chrome finish