TonePros AVR2G - Tune-o-matic Bridge, G Formula Saddles - Chrome Vaata suuremalt

TonePros AVR2G Tune-o-matic Bridge



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The TonePros AVR2G is the exact replacement for the bridges found on older or vintage instruments originally fitted with ABR-1 style bridges. This bridge is loaded with saddles using a special proprietary formula based on the original vintage Nylon 66 saddle material found in guitars of the late 50’s and early 60’s. This new material retains the tone of the original Nylon 66 saddles, but adds other hi-tech ingredients that provide a new “slippery” surface.

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  • Tune-o-matic bridge
  • replacement for ABR-1 style bridges
  • retrofits most vintage and reissued USA guitars without modification
  • post to post spacing 73.75 mm/2 7/8”
  • G Formula saddles
  • retains the tone of the original Nylon 66 saddles
  • new slippery surface prevents saddle wear and breakage problems.
  • more intonation range than vintage parts
  • incl. hex key
  • chrome