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Graph Tech Black TUSQ String Trees

GT PT 7004 00

Graph Tech

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A perfect option to upgrade the string retainers on your guitar. They will fit on any guitar that uses string retainers and will help improve the tone and tuning performance of your guitar. Black TUSQ XL is impregnated with PTFE which is five times more slippery than graphite. It has all the tonal benefits of TUSQ, bringing out the hidden harmonics of your guitar all while drastically improving tuning performance. 

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17,90 €

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  • Black TUSQ XL String Tree
  • Fits all guitars with string trees
  • Incl. chrome screws
  • Color: Black
  • Dimensions:
  • Length: 11,70 mm
  • Width: 7,12 mm
  • Height:7,65 mm