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ABM VCS Tele Saddles


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The VCS-saddle provides a perfect string rest thru V-Cut. Equiped with an optimized intonation-point, no buzz, no Sitar-Effect. Full twang with chime and sparkling heights . Thick base-plate milled from 3mm Bell-Brass

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35,00 €

Rohkem infot

Compatible with Telecaster with 54mm string spacing, with intonation-corrected "V-Cut" notches.

Tip: The VCS saddles are made for medium gauged string sets. If necessary, the saddles can be treated very well with a file to adapt the notches optimally to the strings.

We choose V-notches, since from the factory the "Sitar-Efekt" is excluded by a wrong fit of the string. With a V-notch, the strings always lie on the two flanks of the V, and can not rattle.

Certainly, a hollow groove (a round string cut) is the best way to pass a string across the saddle, but the diameter must be perfectly matched to the string.

If the string is too tight, the string is pressed in or is placed on the two upper edges. If the hollow groove is too wide, the sitar effect occurs, and the string ruffles as it can move sideways. The problem is often unpredictable since the external diameters of strings can fluctuate with "equal strength".