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Allparts Switchcraft Stereo Long Threaded Jack Vaata suuremalt

Switchcraft Stereo Long Threaded Jack



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Long Threaded Barrel Input Jack, Stereo, Switchcraft, with Nut and Washer. Accepts 1/4" plug, and can be wired mono or stereo. 1/2"-diameter mounting hole, needed and at least 7/16" wood thickness are required for mounting. Overall length 2". Chrome. Short post is hot, medium post is for battery, and large post is for ground.

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Switchcraft  #152B 1/4" Stereo 3 Conductor Thick Panel Mount Jack w/Cable Clamp
Nickel Finish, Nut + Washer
can be used mono as well

Since decades the original stock part of many US made guitar classics.

made  in USA
mounts: requires 12,7 mm diameter drill
length: 51 mm /  2"