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5 foot (1,5 m.) cable ready to plug into your axe. 2x straight nickel plated plugs. All pre-packaged cable now come with black stress relief jackets included! High-quality, low-capacitance, and ultra-low-noise guitar cable .155 diameter - thinner than typical cables, which means less weight per foot and less pull on your guitar. Color: Black. 

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Pros around the world choose George Ls guitar cables for their transparent sound and exceptional durability. With this George Ls .155-diameter bulk guitar cable, you can make top-quality cables of whatever custom length you need. You'll appreciate the ultra-low noise and low capacitance of George Ls cable, especially if you're making a lot of jumper cables for a large pedalboard. And because George Ls cables and connectors don't require stripping or soldering, you'll be amazed at how easy it is to re-fit your whole rig with George Ls .155-diameter bulk guitar cable.