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Evidence Audio SIS Monorail Cable 1m Black


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1 meter of Graphite Black Monorail cable. Evidence Audio Monorail is a thin audio cable which works best for patching pedalboards and racks. It is often used in combination with Evidence Audio´s SiS-plugs, making for a quick solder-free connection with superb strain relief. Of course, you’re free to solder Monorail with connectors made by a different manufacturer, too.

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The Monorail cable is true to the voicing priorities of Evidence Audio in a form factor which allows you to get great sound in small spaces. Strand interaction is mitigated with the same 20 awg  IGL conductor used in the Lyric, Siren and Melody cables. The Monorail can be soldered with a variety of phone plugs, or used with the SIS Screw In Solderless plugs.

As used by David Gilmour,  Noel Gallagher, Ed O’Brien of Radiohead, Josh Smith, Guthrie Govan, Andy Timmons, Guy Pratt, Steven Rothery, and many others.