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Fulltone Supatrem Jr.



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Building on the acclaim for the original Supa-Trem, the Fulltone Supa-Trem Jr. tremolo pedal is a highly flexible trem solution that won't take up much space on your pedalboard. And it packs everything you could ask for in a trem pedal, including a boost (up to 15dB!), square/sine/warble waveforms, and tap tempo. Taking it beyond the original Supa-Trem, the Supa-Trem Jr. has an even wider speed range — from an ultra-slow 10-second cycle to faster than 220 bpm. And it's all based on the Fulltone-designed Opto-1 Photocell for supreme sonic character. 

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269,00 €

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  • Photocell trem for classic tremolo sound
  • Tap Tempo footswitch, plus tap input for external control
  • Square/sine/warble waveforms offer a huge range of creative possibilities
  • Can act as a clean boost for more sonic options
  • Speed ranges from an ultra-slow 10-second cycle to an ultra-fast 220 bpm and beyond
  • True bypass to maintain signal purity when bypassed