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Compression and Overdrive are the foundation of my engineering. These two Keeley tones have inspired countless musicians, now they sit in one extremely versatile, sonic tool. The Aria Compressor Drive not only offers out most flexible overdrive to date, it has all the tone and blend features of the Compressor Plus. Players also have the ability to swap the order of the compressor and drive for two very useful drive experiences.

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229,00 €

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  • Combines Keeley's Red Dirt Overdrive and Compressor effects in one stompbox
  • Switch allows you to place compressor either before or after overdrive
  • High-quality components used throughout
  • Preserves your guitar's natural tone
  • Blend knob for combining your dry signal with the compressed signal
  • Tone knob for optimizing your sound with any guitar or pickups
  • Extremely dynamic, touch-sensitive gain at both low and high gain settings
  • Level controls can balance the signal or push your amp into deeper sustain and overdrive