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The black sheep of Maxon's 9-Series, the Sonic Distortion offers a convincing balance between transistor and op-amp characteristics. The unique Low Boost/Hi Boost tone control offers plenty of beef while the output and distortion knobs dish out up to 55dB of vicious gain boost. At low-gain settings, the SD-9 functions perfectly as a full-frequency overdrive.

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Since its original release in the early 80’s the Sonic Distortion has gained a huge cult following among tone connoisseurs, including the likes of guitar legends Scott Henderson and Mike Landau.

Maxon’s current-production reissue captures all the magic of the original with the added benefit of true bypass switching.

The SD-9 provides a smooth distortion that covers a wide range of Gain levels from mild overdrive through pseudo-fuzz.  Regardless of the Gain setting, the SD-9 remains articulate and responsive to note dynamics, providing excellent sustain without crossing over into super-compressed Metal territory.

The SD-9’s Tone knob has plenty of top end on tap, yet notes still retain a round, full-bodied tonality with the low end presence usually associated with amp distortion.  The pedal’s midrange response is smooth and even – present without seeming spiked.

Since its humble origins to its current place in the pedalboards of the stars, the Maxon Sonic Distortion has proven itself to be a timeless classic that has only improved with age.


  • Low boost / High boost tone control
  • Provides more power in the lower range than other pedals
  • Up to 55 dB of extra boost
  • Controls for Distortion, Drive and Level
  • A highly-compressed, singing sustain