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Strymon Brigadier dBucket Delay



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Strymon Brigadier on digitaalse jõudlusega analoog viivitusefektide jõujaam mis kasutab eksklusiivset Strymon dBucket algoritme. 3 erinevat delay tüüpi, pühendatud modulatsiooni kontrollnupp ja hoides all Tap nuppu saab luua lõpmatu arvu kordusi.

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  • Hand crafted dBucket algorithm for highly accurate reproduction of every stage of an analog bucket brigade chip and the associated clock driver circuitry
  • Bucket Loss control to vary the amount of loss that occurs at each stage of the dBucket
  • 3 delay time modes: ShortMedium and Long
  • Tap Tempo modes for quarterdotted eighth, and eighth note triplets
  • Filter control for adjusting the tone of the delay repeats
  • Dedicated Modulation control
  • Adjustable +/- 3dB boost or cut when the effect is engaged
  • Press and hold Tap for Infinite Repeats