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Electro Harmonix Canyon


Electro Harmonix

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Kompaktne Canyon pakub terve kollektsiooni inspireerivad efekte - selge digitaalne delay, soe ja säbruline lintkaja, tagurpidine ja moduleeritud delay jne. Kokku on pedaalil 10 erinevat efekti koos funktsionaalse looper-iga. 

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149,00 €

Rohkem infot

Packed with more power than pedals taking up more real estate, the compact Canyon features a collection of awe-inspiring effects. From pristine digital delay to warm and warbly tape echo, reverse and modulated delays, cascading octave delay and shimmer… even an exquisite Deluxe Memory Man emulation. There are ten different effects in all plus a fully featured looper. Internal or external Tap Tempo with tap divide and a chasm full of intuitive secondary knob controls deliver a truly grand experience.

Features 11 modes:
1. ECHO: digital delay 
2. MOD: modulated delay
3. MULTI: multi-tap delay
4. REVRS: reverse delay
5. DMM: Deluxe Memory Man
6. TAPE: tape delay
7. VERB: reverb plus delay
8. OCT: octave delay
9. SHIM: shimmer
10. S/H: sample and hold
11. LOOP: looper mode w/max loop length of 62 seconds