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The JHS Haunting Mids pedal is great for manipulating the midrange character of any drive, fuzz, or boost pedal. Its continuously sweepable midrange center (400Hz–7.5kHz), broad/narrow Q toggle, and 15dB of boost/cut go a long way in carving out space for other voices in a mix or making sure your solos are heard from the back row. Haunting Mids packs some other tricks up its sleeves, too: engage it intermittently for a cocked-wah sort of tone or set all controls flat to front-load your tube amp with up to 10dB of clean gain.

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  • Mid-frequency preamp pedal
  • Great for manipulating a drive pedal's midrange character
  • Can be set for a cocked-wah tone
  • Up to 15dB scoop or boost
  • Continuously sweepable midrange center (400Hz–7.5kHz)
  • Lo/Hi toggle selects a broad or narrow bell curve
  • +10dB clean boost with EQ flat
  • 9–18-volt power supply required; not included