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Keeley Katana Mini



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Micro-sized volume booster with a maximum 35 db boost. There are dip switches inside the pedal which allow you to tailor the sound to your liking. Need drive, just flip the micro Hi-Gain Switch inside and you’ve got overdriven tone!  Flip the Hi-Cut Switch on the inside and you have a warmer tone to soften any Strat or Tele.  Flip both switches and you have the ultimate sounding boost, thick, creamy, tube-amp sounding, and plenty of volume on tap! Obsessed with cleanest, most enjoyable tone boosted? Cascading FET stages do the tube-amp-thing like nothing else!

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135,00 €

Rohkem infot


  • Up to 35 dB clean gain
  • Internal Hi-Gain and Hi-Cut DIP-switches
  • Small footprint