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The Way Huge Pork & Pickle Bass Overdrive & Fuzz serves up a perfectly balanced diet of gnarly tones for bass players who like to get down and dirty. The first ever bass pedal from Way Huge, this delectable dish combines the warm, soft-clipping tones of the Pork Loin Overdrive and the rich, fatty tones of the Russian-Pickle Fuzz in a single package.

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232,00 €

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  • Overdrive and fuzz pedal for electric bass guitar
  • Combines 2 Way Huge effects — the Pork Loin overdrive and the Russian-Pickle fuzz — in a single pedal
  • Toggle switches between overdrive and fuzz
  • Allows you to blend your clean tone in to maintain low-end punch and power
  • Internal controls for level, curve, and presence allow you to fine-tune your tone further